Friday, January 29, 2016

i LOVE a good burpee

The other day I was talking to Matt about exercising and the gym and when I really transitioned to the bad ass I am today. Haha, no we were just discussing the crazy exercises I am sometimes subjected to (burpees, battle ropes, tire flipping) and why I LOVE LOVE LOVE a class over solo time on the gym floor. So this reason is two fold. 

1. I have always hated solo gym time on the floor. I can hang for a while but quickly run out of steam. I have the best of intentions when I start. It goes a little something like this: "Ok I'm going to do cardio for 40 minutes. Then a few arm (or leg) machines. Then at least 500 abs. (Because one time I watched this Britney Spears special and she says she does 500 abs so I can too)" And this, my friends is how it actually happens....After 40 minutes on cardio I get off, complete a few machines and then lose all steam. Abs: crunch crunch. done. Weights: Meh. Home? Yes please! Wine? Pour me a double!! (I worked out!!)

So after realizing my weaknesses, (and of course getting a groupon deal) I come to reason number two...

2. Wired Fitness Bootcamp. When we lived in San Diego, right after Matt got deployed, I decided I wanted to really work on reducing my body fat. My sister had been to this outdoor bootcamp on the bay and thought I would really like it. Boy was she wrong. I LOVED it!! The reason why I loved it so much could be multiple bullet points. It was on the water. It was hard. The people there were amazing. Exercises and cardio I had never done before. Bryan. It was hard. 

after some searching I found this gem! Mission Bay Crew. I was about 3 months pregnant with C at the time.

Bryan (who owned and ran the classes) is amazing. He forces you to do your best all. the. time. I don't think I had ever worked so hard in my life. And I had never done exercises like that before. After my first class I couldn't walk for days. It was the most amazing pain ever. I was hooked. I wanted more. So I signed up for good and went back 4-5 days a week for at least a year and a half. I worked out like that until I was 6 months pregnant with Charlotte. I had never been more fit in my life. And during this time I was introduced to the "burpee".

Oh the burpee. Before I joined bootcamp I had no idea what you were. Some random word I sometimes heard on TV, nothing I could really ever picture myself doing. An "up down" to those military folk. When first attempted I am sure I looked a fool. Awkward legs flailing want me to add a pushup???.....and then jump??? LOL no. After months at bootcamp and the "encouraging" words from Bryan, I perfected my burpee. #nailedit 

Now, not only can I do a proper burpee, but I love them. Any variation of them too. Add a mountain climber? no problem. Add a push up? Isn't that required?! How about a mountain climber, roll over, v sit up, roll back, jump up burpee? If you can think of it, I will gladly do it. And know this: I am smiling on the inside. I love it. Seriously am I insane? I love a burpee?! It is the best combo of cardio and whole body work out. One time I even did a burpee challenge, Samyjo I know you remember that!! 

When the time came for us to move away from San Diego I was devastated to say goodbye to my bootcamp family. It can be really hard to find a great gym/exercise routine you love, and having to leave it is rough. In Monterey I found a good gym with childcare as well as my Stroller Strides family. At that point in my life, with a new little one, it was perfect. Plus I made a ton of wonderful friends. And I was so sad to have to say goodbye to them and start my gym search all over again in Maryland. But I somehow hit the gym lotto again when I found World Gym near our new house. Not only do they have wonderful childcare (even taking babies under 6 months!) but the classes they offer are right up my burpee loving alley. Amazing instructors and a variety of classes to keep me on my toes. I am happy to be tortured every single day. It is so wonderful I have flashbacks of my San Diego bootcamp days, especially when we are working outside doing some random exercise I would have never thought of all while being yelled at. The only thing missing is a view of the ocean.

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