Saturday, January 23, 2016

Second Christmas

Just after the new year we got together with the Clute side of the family to celebrate Christmas and exchange some presents. Last year we all got together at Nikki's house, but this year we got to host! (next year it's all you Jim and Jen!) We hung out, ate some food and watched the kiddos open some presents. Good quality family time, our favorite!! 

So we HAVE to start this post with an adorable picture of the kiddos with Grandma!! A pile of Clutes!! We sure do make some cute kiddos!!
Jack,1; Norah,4mo; Charlotte, 3

Besides cuddling with Grandma there was some reading....

Some napping....

Some toy nibbling....

and a beautiful ribbon performance....
Charlotte was up first.. 
Then Mommy. She is introducing me right now. (You can't see me, I'm behind her.) :)

check out my moves. haha
yes this is a fairly common occurrence in our house. 

And now it's Daddy's turn!! "Ladies and Gentlemen and Mommys and Norahs and Harleys. Introducing, the amazing Daddy".....

go Daddy!! Great shot Jen!
 and of course a few more turns for Charlotte...

What isn't captured here are her post performance bows. They are the best. Pretty sure we have a little singer/dancer on our hands, but time will tell. 

After all that dancing and playing we were starved!! Time for some delicious dinner! Ham, mac n cheese, veggies, salad and of course pie!!

And finally it was time for presents. We were able to hold off until after dinner, but I know as the kiddos get older and potentially out number all the adults, we will probably have to cave and let them open presents early. I know we managed to talk our parents into that a time or two. You are just so excited you can't wait!! 
harley trying to help Jack open his present

ooo candyland!!

"just what I wanted!!"

hi cousin!!!
And since we had all the kiddos together we thought it was only appropriate we put them in their Monster pants Grandma made them!!
RAWR!!!! "butt monsters" as C would say

the big kids checking out some ornaments

omg these two!

all three munchkins!
C and Grandma!

photobomb Norah and Mommy!

Uncle Jim cuddles. I can definitely see some family resemblance!

Jack and Auntie Nikki!
I wish we lived closer to all these fools so we could get together more often. Now, I'm definitely not complaining about being only an hour and a half away, it's a vast improvement over a five hour flight. (Sadly what the Hall side of the family is now facing). Why can't we all just buy houses in the same neighborhood and live happily ever after?! Where should we go y'all? Hawaii? Tahoe? :) Someone will the lottery!! 

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