Saturday, February 13, 2016


Since this was our first big snowstorm since moving back to the East Coast and Norah's first official snow, I thought it should have its own post. For areas that normally get a lot of snow, this would be no big thing, but for us this is a one a year, or less, event. I was super excited!!  Charlotte was thrilled. And to top it off, my Mom was visiting, so she would get the full east coast winter experience too. For once the thought of being cooped up in the house wasn't such a bad thing. We stocked up on food, alcohol, and firewood and burrowed in for whatever nature had in store for us. 

A few days before the official snowzilla we got a light dusting. It was beautiful. 
if you're happy and you know it JUMP!!
a mini snowman!!

trying to catch a few snowflakes

enjoying the feeling of snow on her face

We took advantage of the break in the weather to take a few family pictures. Nana and her kiddos!
Harley all bundled up too!
last visit, Norah 2 months............................ This visit, Norah 6 months


Finally, the snow started!!
just an hour or two in

starting to accumulate now

before bed time photo. It's all the way up to the door

harley venturing out for a quick potty break

the next morning, even with the wind, check out how much we got!

mid storm shoveling crew. 

helping out with her itty bitty shovel

harley preferred the indoor but the fire life

After it was all over, the wind stopped, and the sun came out, it was time for a little sledding!
trying out our front yard

weee!! (not quite steep enough)

Daddy giving across the street a shot. 

more shoveling. C has the big shovel this time.

earn your keep girl!!

Mommy and C trying out the steep hill! WEEE!!


sledding with the neighbors. They have the best hill.

snow angel time with H

hmmm.....where is a good spot?

Nana and Norah watching all the fun

post sledding nap time.

While Nana was here we also snuck in a few other fun activities like visiting the American History museum, doing a little shopping, and taking a trip to the ER.

President C Clute. Her face says it all

President N Clute. So serious
Chris and Brandy came with us too! We had a great time together exploring the museum. The American flag display is something to see. So moving and SO BIG!! No pictures were allowed, otherwise I would have taken some. I highly recommend it! 
the train, we spent a lot of time here. 
napping on Nana

Norah was with me, all the bags were in the stroller and C was riding on the front.
It was a fun and successful trip to the mall. 
Right after Nana arrived Charlotte got pretty sick and couldn't keep anything down. I was concerned she was getting too dehydrated so we took her to the ER. She was diagnosed with a minor case of pneumonia and her arm was given a drink. She was so brave and by the next day was back to her normal spunky self. 

baby book first: first trip to the hospital.

Post snowstorm, on our way to the airport...cheeeeessssee!!!

the girls next to our big pile of snow. 
I would guess we got a foot and a half total. Not nearly as much as other areas. The storm ended Saturday, and by Sunday morning all our streets were clear. I think living in a more rural area with fewer roads helped get us all dug out early. My Mom was supposed to head home on Saturday and eventually was able to get a flight mid day Monday. When we drove her to the airport I was shocked at how much snow there still was on the roadways. Most of the main roads were fine but side streets and parking lots were a mess. Overall it was a blast and I would love to see a few more storms like this one! :) Ask me again in a couple of years and I am sure I would have a completely different opinion.

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