Saturday, March 5, 2016

Happy 7 Months Norah!

Miss Norah ~

Happy 7 months baby girl! You are officially over the half way mark. Since time just won't slow down, all I can do is try to enjoy each and every moment as much as possible. 

what a big girl!

For you, a lot of those moments are spent asleep. It's amazing to me that you still sleep like a 3 month old. You will typically take 3 naps a day, especially if we are just hanging out around the house. You are definitely predictable. You wake just before 7, nap from 9-11am, again from 1-3 and sometimes a brief nap around 5. Sometimes that morning nap gets moved because we are at the gym. You used to be able to sleep even with all the other kiddos playing nearby, but not anymore. You are too fascinated with watching all of them.

too distracted by the grass to look up at all
one little smile finally!

One of your favorite big kiddos is your sister. You two are adorable together.
princess dress up time!
cuddles from sissy!

You are a smiley, happy, curious baby girl. Your hands are always reaching out for something, especially whatever Mommy has. And everything goes immediately into your mouth. You are a growing bean, now weighing in at 16lbs 10oz and are 26" long. I am now getting ready to switch you to 9 month clothes. Your jammies are a tad tight; they are usually the first to get switched over. The only thing holding me back is that the majority of the 9M clothes are summer, so we need the weather to start warming up!!
9 month clothes already Ma?!

You have perfected the sitting position. You love the view from that angle, and absolutely hate tummy time. Occasionally we give it a shot and you quickly get frustrated. Or turn over. But really you just prefer to be hanging out with Mama all the time. All. The. Time. I think you might be going through a Mommy phase, which is adorable, but can also be tough when I'm trying to get a few things done. Even when other people hold you you are constantly looking around for me. Pretty sure Charlotte went through this phase for a year. haha. 

me and my girls

Last month we had a few goals: get you used to a bottle and get you out of the swing. Yea well neither of those happened. We tried for the bottle for a while, and you did mediocre when Uncle Jim and Aunt Jenny watched you. We really need to continue trying with you so Nana can give you a bottle when we go to California. As for the swing, we never tried to kick you out of it. This month we will. I know it will be a few tough nights and then you will be fine, but committing to torturing ourselves seems silly! But again, we need you out of it for our trip to California, as well as any camping trips we decide to take. 

loving the bouncer

This month still did not yield any teeth. I am actually shocked. I thought for sure this would be the month when at least one if not two popped through, I was wrong. Maybe next month. If not, oh well. You are still exploring food by sucking on it. No pressure to eat any solids just yet. 

mmm tasty tag

look at that drool!!

This month was a big sicky month. If Charlotte wasn't sick, you were. You got pink eye....twice. And a cold that lead to an ear infection. You are still coughing, which you have been doing for at least two weeks (its slowly getting better). We are all ready for this cold and flu season to be over! 
look at that eye! poor baby girl!

Your big milestone this month was starting to talk! You have always been a chatterbox, but now all that chatter is becoming understandable words. Anyone have any guesses as to who got the first word? Mama or Dada? Timehop was kind enough to remind me yesterday that Charlotte's first word was "Mama". The video was precious!! Here is Norah's....

DADA wins this round!!! Congrats Dada!! 

It was also your first Valentines Day...

Valentines Day gymnastics class

roses Dada got us!
getting some kisses from Harley!

We went to the Capitol for the first time and explored a little of the city too!
under construction but still beautiful

C refusing to take a photo and N all angry that I'm not moving. Typical.


Overall I feel like it was a pretty boring month. I am hoping once the weather starts to warm a bit we can get out and about and get some more exciting pictures! Second child syndrome, I feel like I never take enough pictures or video of you!

what u lookin' at?

gymnastics class! 

Big sister giving a salute!!

Trying out the knees.....don't start crawling yet!!

both my girls in the cart!

chef Harley

sous chef Norah

sister playtime

Norah you are getting way too big! 

I still can't believe how much you have changed since birth. I know we have done this once before and none of it should surprise me, but it does. I am still shocked and fascinated by every new thing you do. And this month, your first word. Constantly trying to capture it on camera, trying anything and everything to get you to repeat it. Children sure can be a lot of work, changing everything about your life, but they do teach you one important thing: slow down and enjoy the little things. Time to end this post and get back to those things....

and we're outta here!!

We love you so much baby girl!!!

Mommy and Daddy

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