Sunday, March 27, 2016

Hoppy Easter

Happy Easter 2016 from the Clute Family!!

While this was Norah's very first Easter, all in all it was a fairly uneventful day. Besides an occasional church visit or the traditional egg hunt, Easter has never been a "huge" holiday to me. I will say that now that we have kiddos it is a lot of fun to prepare and set up the baskets, and to hide the eggs. And watching them open it all up is just priceless. I was about ready to run out there and collect the eggs myself I was just so excited. Plus Charlotte is now at the age where she can understand and enjoy all these traditions. Traditions I hope her and Norah remembers and cherishes their whole lives. 

Like dying Easter eggs. This was something my sister and I did with my Grandma every single year. That and pumpkin carving. And I am sure it was something my mom would have loved to do with us, but she sacrificed and made it special for my Grandma. Thanks Mom. And thanks Grandma for all those memories. Dying and decorating eggs. Putting together the perfect baskets with delicious candy and random amounts of money. My sister and I always got the same amount...$1.27 each or maybe $2.31 haha. I am sure it was whatever was in my Grandma's purse at the time, divided in half. Must be fair! 

Last year Meredith and her kiddos came over to dye eggs, this year it was just me and my girls.

Norah mostly just watched. Maybe next year she will be able to participate. She was more than happy to just chill with me the entire time. 

And both girls did amazing with the Easter Bunny. No tears, all smiles!!! 

Finally Easter morning arrived and I could put together all the little things I had been collecting over the past few weeks. And a special gift from Nana too....the plush bunnies!!
all set up and ready for the girls!

new shoes. check. bunny from Nana. check. candy. check. 

what a couple of silly little monkeys!!

Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the main event....the egg hunt!!!! On your marks, get set....GO!!!

a little video of C hunting for eggs. 

I've been trying to take more videos with the legit video camera. I love looking back and seeing videos of them as little babies, and big events like this always deserve a proper documentation. 

Since it was just us hanging out at home this year, our family photo took a little more effort. Camera timer, on the deck, with Matt running back and forth until we got an acceptable image. It wasn't easy with two kiddos but we managed a decent one! :)

Hope you all had a great Easter too! Now time to go cook dinner!!

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