Saturday, April 2, 2016

Happy 8 Months Norah!!

Miss Norah ~

Happy 8 months beautiful girl!! I am seriously having the hardest time accepting that you are now 8 months old. For some reason you are still 7 months to me. It's obviously a sign that you aren't allowed to grow up. But, per usual, I say that every month. 

fascinated with the sticker 
You are a beautiful, happy, curious baby. You always want to be a part of the group, wherever Mommy is (typically), and you squawk to let us know exactly what it is you want. You really love exploring and playing with your toys, more so than Charlotte every did, and if left alone can occupy yourself for a while. You still love your swing, although I think we have finally gotten you out of the swaddle (one step at a time). You did sleep in your room from 7:30pm to 3:45am the other night, but I am pretty sure it was some April Fool's joke and will never happen again. haha

You LOVE bath time, as soon as we turn on the water you get the biggest smile on your face and start kicking your feet. You have also started moving around a lot more in your tub, trying to pull yourself up or reach outside your seat for toys. It won't be long before you start pulling yourself up on furniture. 

And you are very generous with your smiles. Every day before Daddy leaves for work you give him the biggest smiles and giggles. Charlotte, Harley, and even strangers get big toothless grins from you too. Proof we must be doing something right around here!

You now weigh in at 17lbs and are 27" inches long. Growing growing girl!! Harley and Charlotte were kind enough to participate in the measuring stick test. I think you are bigger than Harley now!! He still has about 15lbs on you though. 
all my kiddos!!

Your big milestone this month: you got your first tooth!! Your bottom left FINALLY popped through a week or so ago. YAY! I know the one next to it isn't too far behind. And it is still too small to get a picture of, maybe next month :). This does mean that more solid food is in your future. We have been doing baby lead weaning with you, giving you large pieces of food for you to explore and enjoy, no jars or purees. Yes, Mommy made purees for Charlotte,  but it is just so time consuming that I would prefer a different route this time around. Plus I think you will be a better eater too. 

You have tried lots of different foods: eggs, avocado, green beans, carrots, peas, asparagus, apples, meat. And anything you can reach that I am holding. Mostly, you just want to be a part of the family, eating and nibbling with the rest of us...
enjoying some steak and green beans. yum!

While you haven't started crawling yet, you are very very close. It doesn't take you long to move from a sitting position to your belly, or backwards. And you can scoot backwards a little. We haven't managed to do any baby proofing yet (beyond outlets and some cabinets for C), but I can see that it is going to need to happen very very soon.  
I'm outta here Mama!!
Starting position: sitting up with the boppy behind you, ending position....
where are you going big girl?

Some other fun "firsts" this month....
First St.Patty's Day!! 
ridiculous green bow...check!!

no bow, just smiles for my lucky charm

Charlotte all decked out with her hat.

We took out first camping trip of the season! It was a little cool and we had some rain, but it was soon much fun!!! 
breakfast with the family!

walking the campsite

relaxing with big brother H

C and Daddy making pancakes!
rainy day fun at the bounce house!!

It was also your first Easter!! You met the Easter Bunny and didn't cry at all! Good job girls!

my favorite picture of you two this month :)

opening up your baskets. silly girls

Norah is too cool

mmm peeps!
We also went to an outdoor Easter Egg hunt for sister, you did such a good job cheering her on! She collected lots and lots of eggs!

scoping out the field

You came with me to DC for a little photo shoot, and we got a few pictures of you with the cherry blossoms. It was a little chilly but you did great! 

Professional sitter-upper at 8 months!!

Some other fun pictures of you over the past month....
"get off my deck".  "no you get off MY deck!"

back raspberries from sister. She is the silliest!

OHHHH...this is why it has straps!! 

love your blue eyes

who is that on your lap?!

too cool


princess Harley

silly hats/crowns for all of us!

look at that happy smile!

come here H!!

driving Daddy's car already!
Even though I just posted this one, I had to include at least one good family photo...for your baby album! You girls giggling and playing with each other mid photo is the best!

you are so silly Mama!!
nevermind, I am not amused.

Now that spring is here, the weather will start getting warmer, and we can start doing all sorts of fun things (outside!). We have a few exciting events lined up for next month, and even more in May. And I am sure you will start piling on the milestones....maybe another tooth? Saying Mama? Crawling?  

9 months here I come!!

We love you so much baby girl!!

Mommy and Daddy

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