Friday, April 29, 2016

Happy 9 Months Norah!!

Miss Norah,

Happy 9 months sweet girl!! Today you are one day shy of the official "nine month" mark, but have been out in the world for as long as you were inside baking. 39 weeks and 1 day ago we met for the first time. Wow! It feels like just yesterday I was holding this itty bitty 6lb 11oz baby in my arms. A little beauty with no name yet. And now look at you!   

the only was I was able to get a photo of you and the sticker!

You really are the happiest baby. People tell me all the time how beautiful and smiley you are. You are so well behaved, quiet, and content. You are more than happy to just chill in the pack while we run errands or go on adventures. But once I stop walking you are a wiggly girl, trying to grab at anything and everything. At home you love to sit on the floor playing with your toys (most of the time). I don't remember Charlotte being so happy playing solo.

You now weigh in at 17lbs 6oz and are 27.5 inches long. 

You are still wearing 9m clothes but will be transitioning to 12m before I know it. I have all your little 12m summer outfits lined up and ready for you (and summer!).

This month Mommy gets the award for not taking enough photos of you. I went to write this blog and realized that while the month flew by and I felt busy, I barely pulled out the camera to take any pictures of you. Big Mommy fail. I feel terrible. I will try and do better next month, and I should succeed. We have a lot of things on the agenda, a trip, lots of visitors, etc. Many moments I will want to capture. Plus, you are about to become a lot more mobile, which means less time in the pack and more time out and about. Not quite sure that is something I should be excited about. 

You had a couple BIG accomplishments this month!! First up, crawling!! You are officially on the move. You went from rotating your sitting position, to moving backwards, to hands and knees crawling. I am excited about this new adventure, and also nervous. I'm not too thrilled about getting the baby gates out again, but 'tis the life. 

trying to get the fitbit!
a video of you crawling!!

hey that's not where I left you!!

You are also starting to pull yourself up. I don't know if I want to make it official yet, but there have been one or two instances and a few successful downward dogs. 

trying to help Mommy pack!
standing with help from Mama!

Another big milestone this said MAMA!!! Finally!!!! I seriously did not think it would happen this month and then last night you just started saying Mama out of nowhere. Of course you were looking at Daddy the entire time and when I said Mama and pointed to myself you promptly said Dada. There may be some confusion there. Now it makes sense as to why you said Dada first, you think that's me. (just kidding Matt!!) Haha! Either way we were grinning from ear to ear. Nothing is better than hearing your babies say Mama and Dada. 

You also got your second bottom tooth this month! Yay!! You look ADORABLE with you two little toofers!! 

You have tested them out by biting me a few times. It's not my favorite, but I know you will figure it out soon enough, hopefully before any more teeth come in. :) You are also putting them to good use by trying out more and more food! I don't think I could list all the things you have tried eating. Basically you eat what we eat, but in smaller bites. And so far you haven't turned down any food, unless you are tired and ready for bed. 

enjoying a pear in the park

Speaking of bed, you actually slept through the night this last month! I, of course, woke up many times nervous and worried about you, but was so excited that you were able to make it all night long. Now, I will have to note that you were in the swing. Is it considered cheating?! I have been trying to get you out of that swing for over a month now. First we got rid of the swaddle and into a sleep sack. Once you got used to that we tired stopping the sorta worked. Then I decided to elevate your mattress a bit to make it similar to the swing, thinking you liked that. You have been napping and sleeping a little in your crib for about two weeks now. Sometimes it goes well and sometimes it doesn't. For some reason you don't nap well in the crib. You are also a lot more sensitive to noise. Any small noise will wake you up and you will not settle back down. It's pretty much impossible to keep it completely quiet in the house with Charlotte roaming around. And Harley, can't forget the guard dog who chooses to bark at the most inconvenient times. You will get there though. Someday. 

Now that we have taken away the swing inside (mostly) you are loving the one we got outside. I am sure one day you will just doze off in this. 

One of my favorite things you started doing recently: holding my hand while nursing. It is so sweet. I am really trying to soak up every single minute. Soon enough those itty bitty hands will be as big as mine and you probably won't want to hold my hand anymore. So sad. 

One more fun video from this month, you singing!! Oh my this is seriously the best video!!

Some other fun things we did this month....

we went to the circus!!
chilling with Mama at the baby shower
hotel slumber party!

play time in Harley's crate

park picnic with my beauties

a big CHEESE before that second tooth came in

play time at home!

gymnastics time

tent picnic
trying to make sure Harley is properly registered. Thanks Norah!

playing DR. Norah was taking her job as nurse VERY seriously

Anyone else think this little kiddo might have some red in her hair? In the right light it has a reddish tint to it....I can't wait to see how it will look when it grows in more. And I am going to try and do your hair often so you get used to it. Charlotte never lets me put anything in hers!

"haha good luck mama!"

"maybe for a chocolate..."
Oh Miss Norah, we love you so much!! We love watching you grow and learn new things every single day. You are such a little sweetie and our little peanut. Happy 9 months my love.

Goodbye everyone...

Mommy & Daddy

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