Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Nikki's baby shower

A few weeks ago I had the honor of co-hosting a baby shower for my beautiful and glowing sister-in-law Nikki. She is pregnant with my nephew (her first baby) and we could not be more excited to be adding another little one to our group! 


Even though the shower was in April, it was one of the coldest days we had had in a while. Our last taste of winter. On our way over we got caught in a snowstorm! For once southern Maryland got hit harder than everywhere else. Thank goodness we actually left on time for once, otherwise we could have been really late. (With two little ones that is typically how we roll).

After setting up all the food and decorations it was time for the party!!
cupcake favors!

the yummy food!
All baby showers require a game or two, and this one was no different. First up was a guess the due date/baby weight game. Will baby come before Grandma arrives? On Mother's Day? The full moon? We will have to wait and see!

The second activity was not only original, thoughtful and creative, but a lot of fun. Everyone, get your Pinterest boards ready....we made a storybook for baby boy. (Jen gets all the credit for this one. Great job Jen!!!) Jim (Nikki's brother) wrote a story about an adventure Mommy and Daddy take while pregnant, and at the end, baby joins the family. They travel all over the world to places like the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef. Each of the guests got to illustrate a page of the book. Easy and fun for the few artists in the group, slightly challenging for the rest of us. I tried to choose an easy one, a volcano, but did manage to draw a helicopter with some stick figures. Each page is unique and special and will forever remind Nikki and Mike (and their little boy of course!) about all the people who love them. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Jim reading the story. Future children's book author here

coloring away

the cousins adding the final page to the book!

being an artist is so exhausting!!

taking a break for kisses!!

all the pages!!

group shot with all the pages for the book!

And of course there were presents. 
so cute!!

And lots of friends and family... 
both Grandmas!!

a grandma and an auntie

more friends. more posing for pictures!

had to sneak in one cute one of me and C

After the party we headed out to dinner with the family to celebrate Mike's birthday! Happy Birthday soon-to-be Daddy Mike!

guess who's birthday it was?! LOL (Sorry Mike - first time using PicMonkey!!)

more cousin kisses

family photo! Norah is even looking!

it's my birthday!! Oh it isn't 

best photo! Silly Jack!!

It was a wonderful day celebrating baby boy Kaylan. Now come on out little guy so we can meet you and snuggle you with kisses!!

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