Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Outlander complete!!

After two and a half years (two kids = slow reader) I finally finished the Outlander series! On one hand it was an exciting accomplishment! (Eight long books, go me!) On the other hand it was depressing. I spent every day with Claire and Jamie. I was a part of their adventure and love story too. And to have to say goodbye, I was so sad! I didn't really know what to do with myself. I, of course, started another book (I needed something to read while nursing!) but it just wasn't the same. Thankfully there is going to be another Outlander book hopefully sometime next year (fingers and toes crossed it's released in 2017). I know it takes a long time to write a book, especially one that is over 800 pages, but I can't wait!

The Outlander books are some of my absolute favorite books of all time. I don't think I could actually pick a favorite of the series. When I ended one I immediately started the next so they all sort of bled together. I loved the beginning, getting to know Claire and Jamie. I loved trying to decide Frank or Jamie. I loved when Roger and Briana became main characters in the story as well. Oh hell I just really loved them all! The battles and politics of the time were my least favorite, but necessary. The books not only take you to Scotland, but also early America. It is really cool to think about the formation of the county, everything that went into it, and what life would have been like back then. Gabaldon is a very descriptive writer, taking the reader on a journey with her words. I became engrossed with the story, so much so I found myself staying in the nursery a little longer just to see what would happen next! 

The books have an epic love story, adventure, drama, history and fantasy. Anything and everything you could want and more. I do think that at times Claire can be a bit irritating. She is constantly getting Jamie into it because of who she is? or because she is out of her time and unfamiliar with how she should act? Whatever the reason, it gives Jamie a chance to swoop in and rescue her. Gabaldon wrote a charismatic and loyal male lead. A hero you can't get enough of. 

I highly recommend this series to anyone and everyone. And if you aren't up for all that reading you could just watch the show. It's not as good as the books (typical right?), but you do get to see a delicious Scot in a kilt!! 

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Nicole said...

I've heard of the title Outlander but knew nothing about it. You've peaked my interest.