Monday, June 20, 2016

another nephew to love on!

Just over a month ago I became an Auntie (again) to an adorable little boy! My sister in law Nicole and her husband Mike welcomed Ryan James Kaylan on May 13.

napping on mama, the best spot in the whole world

relaxing with Dad

He arrived a few days early and very quickly (lucky for Mama!). We made it back from California in the nick of time and were able to make it to the hospital the day after Ryan was born. I was in heaven holding this little guy! Ever since Norah was born I have had a bit of baby fever. Perhaps it is because I know we won’t be having any more littles of our own. And maybe because time is flying, Norah and Charlotte are growing up too fast! So I was beyond thrilled to get my hands on such an itty bitty baby. It is hard to believe my kiddos were ever that small. He weighed just over 6lbs, and was already looking around, soaking up life, and making lots of funny faces.

contemplating life on the outside

meeting Uncle Jim, Aunt Jenny and Grandma!

snoozing with Grandpa

Our hospital visit was brief. Mama and Daddy needed lots of rest and our kiddos decided it was the perfect place to have potty accidents and diaper blow outs. Convenient. Haha. But we came to visit again when he was about 2 weeks old. I think it is a little easier to visit once they are home and have had a chance to get settled. Plus we can stay longer. Charlotte was so excited to meet Ryan. She LOVED being able to hold him all by herself! I still remember the first time she held Norah. Brought back all sorts of memories and melted my heart. Cousin love!

sooo excited to be holding baby Ryan!!

cousins meeting the newest cousin

Charlotte and Jack to the rescue!

checking out Uncle Matt

Norah was very curious once she saw him. She kept reaching out and trying to touch him (mostly in the face). They are all fairly close in age and I know will be great playmates.

I'm holding him in this photo. love his puckered lips. 

Here I come Ryan!!

Great job Nicole on bringing such a handsome little guy into our family. We can’t wait to watch him grow and his personality to start shining. Love you all!

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