Sunday, June 26, 2016

may friends

After coming back from our California vacation we had a jam packed schedule of visitors. I love being busy, especially when it is fun stuff (and not errands and chores bleh). First up was Meredith and Parker! Aligning our two schedules can sometimes be a bit tough, especially as summer approaches, but we did it!  The girls drove up to our place on Friday and spent two nights with us. 

what a good looking group of girls! 

best friend hug

soaking up our brief amount of sunshine

checking out the hot tub. They look like they approve

Sadly it decided to rain all day Saturday, our only full day together. We managed to keep the kiddos busy with a few indoor activities: baking and decorating cookies, and making a mask craft. 
The Green girls

the Clute girls

all smiles as she eats more than she decorates. :)

And of course there was plenty of wine and some time in the hot tub to keep the grown ups happy!
best. photobomb. ever.

silly girls

Charlotte was sitting less than lady like. What a great smile from Parker!
I wish we lived closer so we could hang out more often, like everyday, but if we manage to spend a weekend together every month that is definitely a win!

Over Memorial Day weekend the Burgess crew flew all the way from Cali to see us!! Talk about knowing how to make a girl feel special (and Matt too)! We picked them up and somehow managed to squeeze us all into our Acura. Thank you third row seats!! 4 adults and 3 car seats (two of them rear facing infant). Oh and we can’t forget the two suitcases and umbrella stroller. Bam. Get down with your bad self Miss Acura.

that is one good looking crew!

We immediately headed deep into Southern Maryland for some delicious crab at Captain Leonards. It was all our first time there and boy were we impressed. It is a very laid back restaurant...."divey" but in a good way. Crab sandwich, win! Shrimp, win! We will definitely be taking future visitors to this place.

car seat besties! Jack is not too sure about me taking his photo. Or what exactly I'm doing back there anyways.

On Sunday we went into the city to see a National’s game. Joe had never been and needed to cross it off his stadium list. It was also Norah’s first time to a MLB game! 
silly guy in our background. 

It was a hot day but we had shaded seats and cool drinks. We watched the game, ate some food, and explored the stadium. The babies did great and Charlotte had a wonderful time. She was so excited to watch the game and clapped at all the appropriate times. She even yelled at me and told me to pay attention when I was chatting with Jessica. I loved her enthusiasm, but I needed bestie time!  

give me that paci!

getting a spray down from the mister!
During the 8th inning, as the Nats were ahead, and the rain started to set in, we took that as our cue to head home.

We spent the next day just hanging out around the house. We, of course, got a little more rain. Ugh. But we did get a chance to have a super awesome dance party and a little time in the hot tub. And lots and lots of bestie catch up time!
"playing together"

I am so glad our littles got to finally meet. I just loved seeing Jack's adorable personality and getting the chance to snuggle him. I still can’t decide who he looks like, which means he is a perfect mix of both Mom and Dad!
you must always wear a proper hat!!
besties and their kiddos. My right arm is working over time!

one year apart. 

I think it might be our turn to come out and visit next. Can you handle the travelling Clute circus??!

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