Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The newest "addition" to the house

This spring we completed a pretty big project at the house.....we put in a patio and hot tub! Matt had been petitioning for a hot tub for a while, and since our yard made it virtually impossible to put in a pool, a hot tub was the next best thing. It will, obviously, be perfect in the winter time.....putting the kids down for bed, climbing into the nice warm hot tub while it's quietly snowing....heaven!! The summer won't be too shabby either, we could turn down the heat and splash around in it with the kiddos. Charlotte was beyond thrilled and couldn't wait for it to be finished so she could swim. She curiously watched the crew every single day from the windows, asking to go out to see exactly what they were doing. 

We had a few good nursery/hardscape companies in our area and after a few quotes chose Stepping Stone. They executed Matt's vision to perfection. I advised and approved, but left most of the choices up to him. It definitely didn't happen overnight, but those guys worked hard and did an amazing job! 

Here is the before photo....

Digging and leveling out the ground. They had to jack hammer those concrete blocks before being able to lay down the stone. They also had quite a few drainage issues that needed to be addressed. It was the hardest and longest part of the job. I know because I watched, it looked exhausting! I could not do that job every day. Big props to these guys. 

this was fun to watch! A truck spewing gravel. 

getting it all level

The walls are done!! Look how beautiful those look wrapped around the posts of the deck. That was a little more expensive but totally worth it. And it was all Matt's idea - great job babe!

Sand is down, time to lay the stone!! 

trying to figure out the curve

All done!! WOW!!
why hello there gorgeous patio

And surprisingly a few days after they completed the patio the hot tub was ready for delivery!!! Someone is excited!!!

security, watching the guys work from the deck. 

Norah keeping an eye on H, keeping an eye on the hot tub.

it's in! yay!!

time to read that manual from cover to cover!!

After getting the electrical completed we were able to fill her up and enjoy it as a family!! The girls loved splashing around in it. Every time we have a visitor we take the opportunity to spend some time in the spa with some adult beverages. It's not too shabby. We also have complete privacy......skinny dipping time! haha. j/k (or am I?) Who is ready to come over and enjoy this with us?!!

first time in!!

It definitely completes the backyard. Not having any hardscape off the basement slider was less than ideal, we were constantly bringing in dirt and mud, and now that problem is solved! And since the completion Matt has been working hard on getting that grass to grow in and has done a wonderful job!

the official "after" photo, taken today

so you don't have to scroll all the way up....

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