Friday, July 1, 2016

Happy 11 Months Norah!

Miss Norah,

Happy 11 months my love! I can't believe we are one month away from your very first birthday. I can't get over how fast you are growing and how much you have changed. You now weigh in at 18lbs 2.5oz and 28.5 inches long. No matter how big you get, you are still the same sweet, calm, chill baby. And oh so smiley!!!

and a little bit of a bad a$$.
What are you looking at punk?!
contemplating life. Or just the tastiness of the dress 

Your big accomplishment this month is starting to let go and stand up on your own little legs. You have not started walking yet, but you are close. I think you will definitely take your first steps before your first birthday. I suppose that means it is time for me to get you some shoes! I have a whole bundle in the basement waiting, but I think your feet are much smaller than Charlotte's were at the same age.
look at me, no big deal.

Speaking of you girls at around the same age, here is C at 12 months, you at 11 months, in the same dress....

All this moving around, standing up, learning to use those legs has led to more bumps and bruises. You bonked your cheek on Charlotte's little bookshelf and gosh if that didn't stick around forever!! Thank goodness for photoshop! 

You have also started clapping (and sometimes waving)!! Today you were waving to random strangers and saying "bye". It was the cutest thing ever!! It's amazing how something so simple is so monumental and exciting to us! Watching a child grow and learn is the greatest joy. I just wish I could remember it all. That's why its important to take video!

You also got your other top tooth! You now have 4 teeth!!
can you see them? The tops are all the way just yet.

With all those teeth, you are eating a lot more solid foods, especially around dinner time. You love yogurt, cheese, pasta, meat, sweets, and your new favorite: crackers! You love holding them all by yourself and showing Mommy how big you are! It makes me nervous sometimes but I am also so proud of you. 

It was your first Father's Day - or is it Daddy's first as a Daddy of two?! Congrats to you both!! 

We celebrated by going camping in Williamsburg, VA. We didn’t actually make it to the colonial part, just the campsite and Busch Gardens. This was your third time camping. Every time we go you get better and better. This time you slept better, but not great. Even when I was lying with you, you did mediocure. You sense that you aren’t at home, in your own crib and are restless. That is a big personality difference between you and Charlotte; she has always adapted quickly and slept wherever. You like your own things, your own house, and just take more time to get used to things. It makes me a little nervous if we ever move, I wonder how you would do on a road trip or adapting to a new home. But there was definitely a lot less crying this time and you really enjoyed being out in the campsite.   

We had to lower your crib this month. With all this standing up business (and on the occasions you do decide to sleep in your crib), when you wake up you immediately stand and cry for us. And you are too tall and just might try to swing that leg over the side. No climbing out just yet my love.
HI sister!!

Let me outta here!!

You actually slept in your crib from 9pm to 4:30am the other night! I was shocked!! Of course the very next night you refused to sleep in there at all. I was a little disappointed but excited to know that you are capable of it and will get there eventually. I remember the first time we tried to get you in your crib, around 7 months, you cried and cried. You were not ready. I thought we could force you in there but no way, not you. You needed more time in the swing and with us. But it looks like you are finally ready. I have mixed emotions about this. Very mixed emotions.
catching a morning nap with Mama 

We also celebrated Daddy's birthday this month. Year 33 sure was a good one (he got you!) but I am sure year 34 will be just as fun!
cousins on Daddy's birthday. This was like herding cats.

Mid month we did a little photo shoot of you and C....
smiling only for sister shaking her hair!
Charlotte is looking so grown up and mature!! Beautiful girls

Some other fun photos from your 11th month....
spray ground and play date with Bryce and Cora!

loving the splash pad!

where's Norah?

don't jump on me sister!!
the "distraction" to get you to look at me for pictures was just too interesting, you had to have it!

playtime with the best pup ever!!
tug of war with H.

watch out world here comes Norah!

sister sillies!

enjoying the view at Swan Point

You love splashing around in Harley's dog bowl, so we took the splash fun outside and set up the baby pool on a hot June day. You loved it!

besets friends holding hands

music class is serious business!

poolside nap. (my favorite spot to nap too)

enjoying the kiddie pool at Cove Point! 

hanging out in the shade with Mama while C plays at the park

We love you so much sweet girl!! Mommy and Daddy are going to try to enjoy this last month with our "baby" before we have a one year old on our hands! But no matter how big you get you will always be our baby girl. 

Mommy & Daddy

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