Monday, July 4, 2016

happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July!!

Independence Day is definitely one of my favorite holidays, coming in a close second after Christmas. It may or may not have something to do with my birthday being the very next day. It's like a pre-birthday celebration. I also just love love LOVE all the USA pride I see that time of year. As a military wife it always warms my heart when people ban together in support of our country. These days it seems like we are in constant battle over this issue or that, except for perhaps on the 4th of July. We seem to let bygones be bygones and unite as one amazing nation...the USA!

As a proud military family, we make sure to pull out all our red white and blue decor for the holiday. Actually, I typically decorate the house from Memorial Day to Labor Day, so we can enjoy the festive feel all summer long. Our newest (and biggest) item this year is a white flocked Christmas tree. 

pretty snazzy right?!

I know, I know, a Christmas tree in July?! First, it's white (obviously you can see that now!). Second, I only put up red white and silver decorations, so it's USA festive and not all Christmasy.

We received the tree from Tree Classics and couldn't wait to get it up and decorated. Not only is this our first white tree, but it is also our first artificial tree. During Christmas we have always had a real tree (preferably one we cut down ourselves), but Matt has been asking for an artificial one for a few years. Now he has one! Heck we have enough ornaments for probably two trees! 

I went to Michaels and snagged a bunch of garland and a cute star for half off! I thought Matt would find the whole thing over the top but he was surprisingly really excited and wanted to make sure it was all set up by his birthday. Silly boy!

so beautiful at night!!

It is the perfect size for the little corner of our family room. The height, at 7.5' is ideal too. The only thing we don't love: it sheds, a lot. The flocking is constantly coming off and leaving white dust all over the floor. And oh my was it a mess when we first took it out of the box. The entire room had to be cleaned because of the thin layer of white all over the furniture. I don't know if this is something that will happen each and every time we use it, or it's a one off in the beginning. We are avoiding touching it at all costs (which is hard with two little ones). Actually, Charlotte is the only one who is curious about the tree. As soon as she saw it she took it upon herself to redistribute all the ornaments. Norah could care less (thank goodness). I am not sure I would recommend the flocked white tree, but the brand, Tree Classics, seems to produce a good quality artificial tree (if you are in the market for one).

I hope all of you have fabulous Independence Day. This year we are on cruise! I doubt we will see any fireworks, but we will be decked out in our American pride colors! Don't forget to remember what this day is all about. BBQ and beer. I'm kidding. Cheers to the greatest nation!! And thank you to all who gave their lives for us to be the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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