Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Norah's One Year Photos

For Norah's one year photos we went back to her newborn photographer, LCE Photography. Laurie is great and we were so happy with the newborn pictures we made the journey out to Leesburg for a late afternoon session in the park. Of course both girls have been born in the summer, so it was hot and muggy just for us. We actually got rained out the day before, thank you summer rainstorms! Somehow, even after a few hiccups, and when our smiley baby girl refused to smile, we managed to get so many good photos!! Moment in life, captured....

probably our favorite family photo, despite Norah not smiling

Two beauties with some amazing blue eyes.....

look how much my big girl has grown!

Thanks Laurie for some wonderful photos! They will be treasured forever!

For those who are interested, I made the bows for Norah, but their outfits came from...

Charlotte: Gymboree (affiliate link)
Norah purple: Gap
Norah pink: Etsy Posh Peanut

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Norah's 1st bash!!

Turning ONE is a super big deal! It only happens once and is definitely cause for a celebration. A BIG celebration...with balloons, cake, a party hat, and a ruffle butt!!

And since Norah is our last baby, this one was extra special. We had a big, wonderful party for Charlotte's first birthday, and wanted Norah to have the same. I started thinking about and planning Norah's first birthday party about two months before. I knew I wanted to get some stuff from Etsy and of course create some decorations of my own, all which take time. And of course I wanted to make sure our friends and family could attend, so I wanted to send out those invites early! 

Luckily her birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which was ideal. Date selected! Then I chose the theme. I didn't want anything specific, just colors. And since her room is purple I figured we would go with pink this time, pink and gold. Girlie, pretty, fun. I found the perfect invites fromTiny Prints. Affiliate link: Tiny Prints. They even had an RSVP website, which was super convenient. 

I also knew I wanted some sort of activity for the older kids. I decided to hire the girl's music teacher, Miss Melanie, who teaches Music with Mar, to put on a little music class. 

And I made all the party favors "music" themed. 
Pop rocks, egg shakers, and a mini flute. 

It wouldn't be a 1st birthday without a proper birthday sign. I got part of my inspiration from pinterest (of course) but improvised and added in my vision. I wanted a good backdrop for photos. I also wanted to cover the TV so not every photo had it in the background. I found the BEST fabric at Joann's, pale pink with gold hearts! Score!! I used my brand new Silhouette and created all the lettering and when I got brave enough, hot glued it all on. 

The finished product, hung to perfection by my amazing husband and awesome BIL. Thanks fellas!! 

And of course we cannot forget her monthly photo banner. Oh my she sure has changed!!

And the birthday chalkboard, designed with love by my bestie Auntie Jessica!!

party details..
drumsticks, a birthday hat and a beautiful cake

 The cake came out exactly as I envisioned it. Thank you Charles Street Bakery Not only was it beautiful, it was also delicious!! I chose the almond cake with strawberry filling. We all know Norah didn't really care what the cake was so I chose what I wanted :)!

And her hat, I used the same Etsy shop that I got Charlotte's hat from, Dainty Couture. I only wish I had more pictures of her in it! I forgot that I had replaced the ribbon for elastic on C's. I should have done that with Norah too. Oh well. It's also a keeper for life. 

Now time for some party pictures right?? 

adults prepping balloons, kids having band practice

here comes the birthday girl!!

her high chair all ready to go

oh miss talula!

 Is this outfit not the cutest thing in the entire world?? I snagged the romper from Posh Peanut. Let me tell you it was a tough tough decision trying to figure out what I wanted her to wear on her first birthday. After much thought, much more texting to friends for opinions, I settled on the romper. Then the color choice was another long process (purple, teal or pink?!). Thrilled I chose the pink! Love it so much! After I received it I sent it to my bestie Meredith to get the monogram put on (her neighbor does it super cheap), add on a cute pair of shoes from Old Navy and finish the outfit with a homemade bow (courtesy of moi!).

bear and lion



looks like Charlotte got in the first taste. sneaky girl
digging right in! Get it Norah!!

the carnage. 


And then there was the cleanup. Harley volunteered to help out!!

that tickles H!!!

hoping for one little morsel

When it came time for presents, it was all hands on deck. Everyone wanted to help Norah open up the goodies. She didn't seem to mind at all, and it sure sped the process up!

real life. trying to get two kiddos to smile (or at least look at the camera without crying!)

the Clutes

post party nap with mr H!

playtime with her Norah's new toys

she loved them and did not want to share at all!

It was a wonderful first birthday party for our baby girl! Everything went well (no tears!), all the kids seemed to have a good time, and we got some great photos. All that hard work and preparation was well worth it. We made some great memories celebrating little Miss Norah. 
Of course we wish all our out of town family could have made it too, but tis the military life. 

Happy 1st Birthday Norah Jane!! We love you!!