Tuesday, September 6, 2016

a cool new case and a box with a cause

Today, my friends, is review day. I often get emails about products or ideas people would like me to promote. While I really appreciate the interest, not all everything is for me. If I accept, I would like it to be only products I would actually use myself (or have used) and something I think people who follow this blog would like. I recently came across two such things....

First up jimmyCASE. It is an iPhone case AND wallet. Yes AND. It is a hard cover case just like you can get anywhere on the market, but it has a thick elastic band around the back. You stick your ID, credit cards, and a little cash right there and no need to carry anything else. 

At first I wasn't sure it was something I would actually use. (Right now, the diaper bag goes everywhere with me.) So I asked Matt if he would be interested in it, and he was more than happy to try it out. We received the case right before leaving for our Hershey trip. Could not have been better timing. We were going to be in a theme park all day, who wants to carry around a big bulky wallet?! I don't! And I would have been the one too, it usually ends up in my diaper bag! So Matt left the wallet in the camper, taking out his ID and credit card, and we were off. 

Not once did we need anything else. Not once did we lose anything. Not once did anything fall out. It is awesome! Matt still has it on his phone and I don't see him switching back to his old case anytime soon. 

Ladies, don't think that since you are a girl that means you couldn't use one too. If I was going out I would definitely use this case to carry everything I needed for the night. And I plan to steal it from Matt if that time arises! My only wish: more designs and patterns! Perhaps a white background with a chevron print, or a fun moroccan pattern that is popular right now. The possibilities are endless! And I am sure with time the options will improve.

I will probably be purchasing a few of these for people I know for Christmas. Less than 5 months away, time to start shopping for a new iPhone 6 case and wallet!!


I also recently received a SitRep box to review. Everyone is familiar with the monthly subscription boxes: BarkBox, StitchFix, BlueApron, etc. This is a similar idea, but with military veterans in mind. They send a box every month that includes products from veteran owned businesses. I can't even imagine how difficult it is to start your own business, and this gives our hard working veterans help reaching a larger audience. I really love the concept of this company. They are brand new, but have a great idea and a good heart. 

I received the July box......

It included a few fun items. Coffee. Yes. Who doesn't love coffee!! I was so exited to give this a try. And I love the name: Black Rifle. It was black, it was strong, it was goooood! 

breaking out the french press for this!

using my Navy cup for my military coffee. 
The box also included a set of sunglasses. I knew right off the bat they weren't my style. Matt didn't seem too intrigued until I made him try them on. He was sold. They fit like a glove and he looks rather dashing. He plans to use these as his new cycling sunnies. Thank you Epoch Eyewear.

The box also included a cool cup advertising the Combat Wounded Coalition, some stickers from 30 Seconds Out, a coupon for Sword and Plough, and a coozie with the SitRep logo. More than the products, it brought awareness to some really great companies owned and operated by some really awesome people. Thank you SitRep for allowing me to try out one of your boxes. And if you know someone out there that would love to give a box a try, please check out their website: SitRep

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