Friday, September 30, 2016

a SUPER celebration

To celebrate our SUPER girl turning 4, we held her PJ Masks themed party at Pump It Up, a bounce house facility about 20 minutes from our house.  A whole bundle of Charlotte's friends came out and had an awesome time bouncing, dancing and running around like crazy. It was one of the best parties ever. Can't believe C is 4!

not much has changed! 

I was torn on whether to host another party at our house, and am so glad we chose Pump It Up. They did a phenomenal job setting up, helping, and cleaning up the event. They kept the partying running smoothly and we all had a really wonderful time. All I did was buy a few things from Etsy, make a banner, order a cake and put together some favors. 

Her invite from Etsy RomsavkaStudio

We had 40 minutes in one room, which included 3 giant bounce houses. A slide, a basketball court and a rock wall. At one point I think the adults were having more fun than the kids. It became a competition to see who could get to the top of the wall. It was hilarious!! I believe Kyle was the victor! Congrats Kyle!

Then we moved on to another room where all the lights went out, we got glow necklaces and jumped some more while jamming to some music. This room included an obstacle course the adults enjoyed as much as the kids. 

The pictures in this room did not turn out well. lol. We can just imagine them all having lots and lots of fun.

After everyone was sufficiently exhausted it was time for cake and presents. 
That banner was the only thing I was "allowed" to hang. LOL. 
Singing to the birthday girl

A close up of the amazing cake!! That you Charles Street Bakery for turning Charlotte's request into reality! Not only did it look awesome it tasted delicious!!

favor bags BAM! Everyone got their own mask!
Charlotte and Jordyn getting ready for cake
cut faster Daddy!

She even had her own birthday chair!

It was a frenzy of wrapping paper as each present was opened. I was taking notes, all the kids were trying to help, and she loved every single thing. Baby doll, art stuff, Doc McStuffin's gear, dinosaurs, books, games and more! 
Her final big present was from Uncle Jim, Aunt Jenny, Jack, Uncle Mike, Aunt Nikki and Ryan.......her big girl bike!!! Of course she wanted to ride it right then. We let her climb on but she had too many friends, not enough space to ride a bike too. 

She is one lucky and very loved little girl. Happy 4th Birthday party Charlotte!!

Showing off her owelette cape 

Like most birthdays, the celebration extended over many days.....
ice cream and a few gifts from Auntie Kathy on the day of her birthday

Dinner and a candle after her big party!
OMG free dessert!!!!

 Enjoying a few of her gifts. 
                   RAWR!!!!                                                                          Doc McCharlotte at your service

favorite photo of us! This is Christmas card worthy!
Catboy. He goes into the night to save the day!

During a shopping trip Mommy picked out a new game, Pie Face. What a blast!!! I wasn't sure Charlotte would want to play but she was such a good sport. After a while we weren't even playing the game, just getting whip cream in the face and laughing hysterically. 

trying out the bike for real. Very serious business

Owelette is outta here!!

Thank you to all our friends and family that helped us celebrate our baby girl turning 4!! Even Grandma and Grandma Rachel made it out for the big day! She had a wonderful time and we hope all of you did too! We love you all!

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