Saturday, September 3, 2016

Adventures with Chip the Clipper

It has been almost a year since we have had our little camper and we are loving it! It makes weekend trips to nearby places easy and affordable. We can cook meals, bring Harley and of course roast marshmallows. We have taken it out 3 times this year, and have at least one more trip on the books before it gets too cold. Every time we go we get better and better at the packing, set up, etc. And we just love the family time without all the distractions like TV, computers and house work!

I am going to recap our last two trips in this post.....hope you all enjoy the photos!!

During Father's Day weekend we went to Williamsburg and spent two nights at an awesome campsite. We spent one day exploring Busch Gardens. There were plenty of rides for Charlotte, and Norah got to ride on a few too! We lasted just over half a day at the park before heading back to spend time at the pool. 

hiking around the camp ground

happy father's day!!

soooo excited!!

first ride of the day!

ran into some friends we knew!

hanging out with Mama, waiting for sister

ready to ride her first roller coaster with Daddy!!

our set up and our campfire. S'more anyone?!

pool time!!

I wanted to check out colonial Williamsburg and Jamestown before heading home but it didn't work out. I am a little bummed about that but hopefully we can make it down that way in the spring and check it out then. And King's Dominion is near us as well, need to cruise over there for a weekend too!

This last weekend we headed up to Hershey Park. Matt went all the time when he was a kid and still talks about how much fun it was. We told Charlotte about a week before we left that we were going to "Chocolate World" and she was beyond excited! Who wouldn't be?! I managed to not look up one single thing, I wanted to be surprised! Matt did a great job planning the trip, including getting the campsite selected, getting the tickets, etc. We stayed 4 nights and had so much fun! I can't wait to go back again!!
our set up. Everyone outside enjoying the weather!
We drove up on Friday, and what should have taken 3 hours took us 5. Ugh traffic. But we made it before dark, got the camper unhooked and Harley settled before heading out to dinner. Our first night was a little rough. Nobody was comfy, Charlotte came into our bed at some point in the middle of the night, and when I woke up I found Matt here....
cozy in the bunk
our bed. 
We had a quick breakfast and headed out to Chocolate world, the largest gift shop of Hershey chocolate. We went on the ride through the "factory", got a couple of souvenirs, and headed over to the museum.

watch out chocolate world, here we come!

look how tall I am!!

I spy....a hershey kiss light!!

After all that excitement it was time for a snack and a drink. 

bagraffe was THIRSTY!!
silly selfies and the BEST photo bomb by C

We spent the afternoon relaxing, did a little swimming, and then cooked up a delicious dinner before heading out to the park. Our tickets allowed us access the night before for free, so at 6:30pm we headed in and rode some rides!!

her first and FAVORITE ride. I think she rode it at least 4 times. 

this was another favorite. For Daddy and Charlotte....

Norah is laughing at Grandpa's hair! haha!!

driving the firetruck all by herself. Grandma Rachel would be proud.

big sister got to drive us all in the BIG car!! 

After our long and fun day we were exhausted and slept great!! And we needed it too, Sunday & Monday we spent all day at the park. Rides, Rides, and some water rides. Seriously the most fun I have had in a long time!! 

my favorite family photo from our trip!! 

got a little wet on that ride

round 2. Norah looks concerned. "Ma - am I even allowed on this ride??"

another favorite, the kiddie carousal. Or really, anything with horses.

MINI SCRAMBLER!!! AHHHH!!! (it's so mini adults can't even go)

We weren't sure she would be up for a real roller coaster but she loved it!!! "It went round and round" (doing hand movements while explaining) ~ Charlotte
best photo bomb.

So much so she took Mommy too!!
holding Mama's hand. I was scared. 
Mommy and Daddy even managed to sneak onto a few rides...

C - "I hope you be ok Mommy!"

Pretty sure Matt screamed louder than me! 

A water park, at the theme park. On a hot hot day....time to get wet!!

too much fun was had. 
 Post park snack. Charlotte slept through this....

Another day, another ride.
starting off at the kissing tower

The Falcon. Daddy and C did this one. Brave souls!!
She wanted to drive those cars one more time....

Another blast from the past. This time Grandma got to be the passenger as Daddy was learning to drive. 

hellllloooooooo Hershey!!

where are my sunnies Ma??!
After a few calculations, I determined that we mostly "killed it". We rode 54% of all rides, 68% when you take away the ones that Charlotte could not ride (and we wouldn't ride without her). She was a Hershey kiss, about an inch more and she gets upgraded to a Reese's! And I would say close to 100% when you add up all the times we repeated rides (thank you Monday with no lines!). In conclusion, this trip was what you call a success. :)

puzzles and play time

Norah's favorite activity, collecting rocks. "Ma look at my rock!!!"

going for a cruise around the campsite. It took all of 5 minutes before she was
inviting some boy over to play. Lord help us.
our final morning #nomakeup

Daddy cooking up a delicious spread
me when I wake up in the morning.                                                            me after my first cup of coffee.         

For those that live nearby and have yet to visit Hershey you should totally take a trip out there. It is like Disney but cheaper! The campsite was great, lots of spots to camp, cabins to rent, two pools, a kiddie pool, two playgrounds, and lots of space to roam around. We made some incredible family memories, ones Matt and I will treasure forever. And I know Charlotte will remember this trip. (Norah will remember through photos) Camping, rides, water park fun, who could forget such an adventure?!

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