Thursday, September 8, 2016

Four and Fabulous!!!

Happy 4th Birthday Charlotte!!!

Four. Wow. I cannot believe that four whole years have gone by since you came into our lives. Four years ago you made us Mommy and Daddy. Four years ago was one of the best days of my life. Four years ago our life changed for the better. And every day since then has been full of love, laughter and unforgettable memories. All my life I imagined having a daughter, what we would do together, what she would be like, how adorable she would be. But you, my sweet Charlotte, have surpassed all my expectations. You are more energetic, more creative, and so much smarter than I could have dreamed. 

Every day you impress me. You are so darn funny!! Some of the things you come up, the silly things you say, haha, it is the best. You have a love for music and dancing. Many times you have stopped what you are doing to break out into some dance moves, asking everyone nearby to watch you.  You are the star of the show, even turning on the "spotlight" for your performance. 

Your innocence and love for life is infectious. When I feel too busy, too overwhelmed, you remind me to slow down and play. A few favorite games right now: hide and seek, magic castle, hospital, and of course kitchen. Being a silly kiddo again with you and Norah is my favorite. Harley even sneaks in on the fun, mostly just looking for a cuddle, but instead getting a full checkup. 

You are a wonderful big sister to Norah. She loves and looks up to you. You love her to the moon and back. 

Sharing is still not the easiest, and all toys are magically yours, but we are working on it. You will get better with age. The one thing you are willing to share: books. You love reading to Norah when she wakes up from a nap. You happily flip the pages and show her the pictures. And then Mommy gets both girls on her lap for a little story time too. My favorite. 

You are now 41" tall and weigh 42lbs. You are growing out of 5T and will start wearing XS in the girls section. You are growing so fast!! Your feet are almost a size 11. You were kind enough to get through the summer wearing the same size shoe, I appreciate that a lot! 
from birth to today. Look at my girl grow!

This year has been a little challenging with your threenager attitude. Right around the time you reached 3.5 your inner 13 year old reared it's ugly head. You can be very stubborn and opinionated. Even though half the time we want to laugh, we need to stand our ground and maintain rules. It's a learning experience for all of us. And even though it can be frustrating right now, I remind myself often that like all things, it is just a phase. 

under protest

You are starting to have an opinion on your clothes. This usually means you "match" by picking things of the same color or pattern. All pink, all leopard, etc. It's adorable. If I get in and select first you usually just go with my choice. You still hate hate hate to have your hair combed or put up. If I manage to get it into a pony tail it lasts all of 5 minutes. As long as I can get your pouf in the back untangled I consider it a win.

fashion show time
trying out all the lipsticks. this looks familiar!

.........these are a few of your favorite things.......

Favorite stuffed friends: Bagraffe, Hippo, Birdie. A few others: Lala, Pinkie, Bunny. I actually tried to donate some of your stuffed animals that you didn't play with only to be spotted. You broke down in tears. I had flashbacks from my childhood, not being able to let go of my stuffed friends, and I just couldn't do it. You then informed me that you would happily donate your monitor to some other kid who needed it. haha. You no longer want the eye of Mommy and Daddy watching you! 

Your real friends: Norah (of course!), Teagan, Bryce, Cora, Annie, Jorydn, Scarlette, Parker. And this list is only going to grow!

Favorite furry friend: Harley

Favorite shows: PJ Masks, Sofia the First, Bubble Guppies, Doc McStuffins

owlette!! and a bit of a party preview here!

Favorite foods: Pink packs (yes still), apple sauce, all fruit, cheese, yogurt, all sweets! There aren't a lot of foods you turn down. My girl loves to eat!!

Favorite activities: Music Class, Swimming, Gymnastics, the Park, Camping. Anything fun!! 

You took swimming lessons all year, and have advanced to Preschool level 3! You are getting the hang of it but aren't quite a swimmer just yet. Soon. I hope.

What do you want to do when you grow up? make it rain, just like Daddy. 

Or maybe be a singer??

Favorite songs/artists: Tiesto, Lady Gaga, Meghan Trainor. We taught you this song to chase away all those boys!!! haha!!

......a few big changes.....

This next year will bring one big change for you: preschool!! AHHH!! How did this day arrive already?? You will be going to school 3 days a week for 2.5 hours at Building Blocks of Faith. Since your birthday is after the cut off date (Sept 1) you will be in preschool this year and next year before heading off to kindergarten. Enough time to ease Mommy and Daddy in. We are excited about all the things you will learn and all the new friends you will make. 
so grown up.
photo bomb by Norah. She was not happy to be left inside. 

And you will make a lot of friends. You are very friendly and talkative. You have always had an amazing vocabulary, talking clearly and communicating all your thoughts perfectly. You also repeat a lot of things Mommy says. So far that isn't too bad, but I gotta watch it!

A big change that just happened in the last few weeks: you got upgraded to a BIG big girl bed. A year ago, right around your 3rd birthday we switched you to the toddler bed, and now a year later you transitioned to the double. You LOVE it. I would like to say that you chose the bedding, but I just couldn't relinquish control over that just yet. I knew you really didn't care. You did help choose the throw pillows! 

Bedding: Pottery Barn Kids
Throw Pillows: Target

This year you got a new cousin, Ryan James! Aunt Nikki had a baby and the Clute side is now all evened out, two girls and two boys. You love being a big cousin and holding baby Ryan. You kids are going to have a lot of fun growing up together. 

rare and impossible picture of all the kiddos!

A little recap of some fun things that we did over the last year!
story time with great grandma

fall 2015

christmas 2015

ice!! brrrrr!!

first time sledding!!

You got pneumonia in January and ended up in the emergency room. Poor baby! But after your arm got a drink you felt a lot better!

st pattys day with some irish girls

easter sillies

first time at the capitol!

one of my favs

silly girl!

another favorite of my girl! 

we went to california!! 

my all time favorite photo of you this year. 

cruising to bermuda!


more sillies 

goodbye three....hello four!!!

We love you so much Miss Charlotte!! You are a beautiful little girl with a heart of gold.  I cannot believe how quickly time has passed, how much you have changed over the past four years. From that itty bitty squishy to my big girl (who I can't call my baby anymore). We are beyond blessed to have you as our daughter. 

four and fabulous

Happy 4th Birthday!


Mommy and Daddy

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