Sunday, October 30, 2016

my SAVAGE man!

I know, I know, I am LONG overdue for a blog post. I don't really know what has been going on this past month or so, but I just haven't been motivated or had the spare time to sit down, focus, and write a blog post. But the stars aligned today when Norah woke me up at 5:30am and I figured I would stay awake and attempt to knock out my online to do list. People with kids know that anything requiring concentration, or even a moment alone, cannot be accomplished with children around. Snoring dog at my feet, that is a-ok. So, here we go, a full recap with photos about our trip out to Western Maryland and Matt's Savageman triathlon. 

Matt has competed in a few races: marathons, triathlons, etc, over the past year in preparation and training for the big one: the Savageman 70. Triathlete magazine ranked it #1 on the list of the ten toughest triathlons on earth and when six-time Ironman World Champion Dave Scott attempted it in 2011 he was unable to summit the wall! It included a 1.2 mile lake swim, 55.7 mile bike (hilly), and 13.1 mile run (hilly). In order to get your name in a brick in the Westerport wall (31.5% grade) you had to summit the wall without falling and finish the race in under 9 hours. Matt's only goal was to get that brick. 

And get it he did!! It definitely wasn't easy, in fact it was a lot harder than he thought, but he not only made it up that wall like a champ, he also continued climbing hill after hill for over 30 miles on his bike, then completing the entire run in the rain until finally crossing the finish line. We could not have been prouder!! 

We arrived a day early to settle in and enjoy a little chill time before the big race. 

the calm before the storm. beautiful lake! 
scoping out the wall. 

On the morning of the race we all got up early, scarfed down some food and headed over to the starting line. We watched him take off for the swim, the "easy" portion of the race (for him!)....

in the water. Can you spot him? Advantage of that white suit!

Daddy's cheer team
And while you hope nothing goes wrong, it never fails that something does right? Matt's goggles broke just before the start of the race. Ugh. He was able to tie them together, only to have them break off and sink to the bottom of the lake during the swim. Regardless, he kept on going and managed to finish the swim with a great time! 

We met him at the wall and screamed our heads off while holding our signs as he summited the top! So proud!!
the road leading up to the wall                                                 THE WESTERPORT WALL

summiting the wall!!! YAY!!

The video...

We waited at the transition point until we saw him ride in and head for the run. 
racked and ready to go

killing some time while we wait for Daddy. C collected sticks for our campfire.

YAY!! Here he comes!!! 
it happened so fast I was glad I was able to get a few photos of him in action.

Here he comes! Only 2 hours (or so) left to go!! LOL. He did NOT like that reminder. Oops. Wife fail. 
taking off for the run, Charlotte pointing to her sign and cheering!

 And we watched him cross that finish line, giving him big hugs, regardless of all the sweat!
waiting at the finish line for Daddy

here he comes!!

FINISHED!! Great job Matt!!

post race indulgence. Much deserved beer!!

And in spite of the rain and mud we had a great time camping. The campsite was quiet, beautiful and private. We didn't feel on top of our neighbors, which was really nice, and knew a crying child wasn't going to wake everyone up. It was flat, allowing Norah to walk around easily and Charlotte to ride her bike. We also played a few games and watched a movie together when the rain just wouldn't let up.
playtime on Mommy

movie time while it rains


Harley at the dinette, waiting for a snack. haha

It was a fun and successful weekend! Matt accomplished his goal and we were so happy we could be there to support him during the big race. I know that I could never complete something as long and grueling as that. I am beyond impressed! We love you Matt, great job!!

my favorite photo!!