Sunday, November 6, 2016

it's holiday card season!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. 

Welcome November. Welcome cool weather. Welcome holiday season. The best time of the year! I love all things holiday. The food, the decorations, the parties, time with family. It makes me happy and stressed out at the same time! ha! One of my favorite things during the holidays: receiving Christmas cards! Who else gets all giddy heading to the mail box every day in hopes that another card has arrived?! I love looking at all the photos and reading the family updates. I hang each and every card we get on our kitchen cabinets so we can enjoy them until late January. 

As soon as November hits I start getting the itch to create our family cards. I like to get it knocked out early, especially since there are always a ton of sales before Thanksgiving. This year has been no different. I have successfully created and ordered our neighborhood holiday party cards, thank you Tiny Prints. I had a groupon that was about to expire which really lit a fire under me! 

Here is the neighborhood party card I chose:

And I am mid family holiday card creations now. I have created about 8 different cards, asked Matt's opinion, and still cannot decide. But have no fear, there is an upcoming sale to help motivate me: 10 free cards + 30% off (exclusions apply). It runs from 11/10 to 11/17, so I have a few days left to make my decision and order those cards! 

I love the foil and am obsessed with the glitter this year. Typically I choose a Christmas color: red or green, but am heavily leaning towards a blue one because it matches better with our outfits. There are just too many designs and options! 

Happy designing friends! And happy holidays!!

p.s. Just because I was compensated for this post does NOT mean I do not like or use their products. In fact it is just the opposite. I LOVE Tiny Prints. I LOVE their sister company Shutterfly. I purchase their cards, calendars, photo albums, etc. And I would recommend them, compensation or not. 

p.p.s If having these recommendations and affiliate links within the blog is annoying and you feel like I am trying to get money out of you please let me know. I'm not raking in the dough from it and would rather have happy readers over a few extra dollars in my pocket. Or Target's pocket, because the reality is, I shop there. A lot. hahaha!!! Love to you all!

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