Wednesday, December 14, 2016

an anniversary to remember!

October 23 Matt and I celebrated 8 years. Wow. 8 whole years. Feels like a long time and no time at all at the same time. Does that make sense? With two little ones we don't get to go on dates or do anything alone very often. Thankfully this year my Mom was able to come visit so we got two date nights in a row! 

Some of you may remember last Christmas I got Adele tickets for Matt. It was a last minute impulse buy when I heard they were going on sale. 
here he is, shocked and excited!

After waiting almost an entire year, the day had finally arrived for the concert. And since Nana was in town we decided to stay over and enjoy ourselves rather than trying to rush home right after the concert was over. Matt booked us a room at the Marriott near the venue and made dinner reservations for us at Matchbox. We were all set for one epic date.

We checked into our room, grabbed a drink, and got busy....getting ready! Get your mind out of the gutter. haha. We had some time to kill before dinner so we checked out the Spy Museum. It was pretty cool and I am so glad we did not attempt to check this out with the kids. It was more of a big kid/grown up type museum. 
channeling my inner spy. serious business.

After an hour of spying, we headed to Matchbox for dinner. This place had great reviews, for good reason. All their food was on point! Every single thing we ordered was so good. The sliders (on the right) are a must. Forget the diet for a day and indulge! Their signature drink is on the left, loving the copper cup. I had the prosciutto pizza and Matt had a pasta. We were stuffed by the time we left. 

Since we still had time to kill, and when we walked by there was almost no line to get in, we headed to a couple of bars. Wine at one, shots of fireball at another. 😂🍸This is what happens when we never get out! I'm honestly surprised I didn't have a wicked hangover the next day! 

a colorful martini :) That was my drink I just made him hold. 😉`
When we finally made our way to the Verizon center the lines were insane. Insane. We tried going in at an unknown spot only to see a never ending line there too. So we cut. I know, shame on us. I did feel bad, but we didn't want to miss it! And by the time we got in and got to our seats it was just about to start! Adele had no opening acts either, just her. There was time for a few selfies haha!

Our seats were a few sections back on the floor, right by the second stage. Could not have asked for a better spot. Well, front row (obv) but let's be realistic! When she was in the back it might as well have been front row! She walked right by us. ahhh!! Adele puts on one amazing show. Not only is she an unbelievable singer, she also talks to the audience so that by the time it is over you feel like you know her a bit. 

It was one of the best concerts I have been to. If you get the opportunity you should definitely go see her. I mean, who doesn't love Adele?! Here is the video I actually live streamed on Facebook. Her opening song. At the end she walks right by us! 

What an amazing night. After the concert we were still wide awake, so we headed to the bar in the hotel where we sat and talked and enjoyed one more drink and lots of water before bed. We finally retired around 1am. So late for us old married people!! I didn't sleep the best, for a few of reasons. Alcohol (duh) and of course worrying about the kiddos. As a Mommy of a tough sleeper I was very concerned Norah was going to torture Nana and keep her up all night. She did so much better than I thought, waking only once or twice. yay! Much better than in August when Grandma and Grandpa watched the girls. Sorry Grandma!

**Note: this portion does have an affiliate link. If you click on it and purchase I receive compensation. I am not writing this post to make money. I actually really enjoyed my experience with RTR. I became an affiliate blogger with them AFTER the entire process.**

Our second date night of the week was attending a friend's wedding. This was the first wedding I have been to, well, since the kids were born. That is a long time! I scoured my closet, but wasn't happy with anything I had. And I did not have the energy to shop. I decided I would try out Rent the Runway. I had heard about it from friends and was excited to finally have an event I needed a nice dress for. After much searching I decided on a coral lace dress. Classy and beautiful. And it got some great reviews! I received the dress 2 days before the event. 
Harley investigating...aka asking if he can chew up the box!

My first time trying it on.

The dress was true to size and just as beautiful as the photos. I did get two sizes, they send the second for free. I loved how it looked with my skin (I was worried it could make me look pale) and the fit was ideal. I was so excited to wear it!

Matt was part of the sword arch, so he wore his dress whites (yummy). It was a beautiful wedding with some fun people and good music. 

I received a lot of compliments on the dress. And the return process was so easy. Thank you RTR!

Congrats to Joe and Suzanne! We had a blast, thanks for having us! 


Speaking of celebrating a marriage, I am going to back track to our anniversary...8 years!!! To celebrate, I had a little surprise for Matt. I contacted the baker of our wedding cake and had them make me a "top tier" of the same kind of cake we had at our wedding. They give one to all the couples on their one year anniversary. But on ours, we were in California and were unable to enjoy that perk. They were kind enough to give us one this year. Oh my was it good!! 
1st or 8th? Who is counting?!

Look at how excited C is!!

happy anniversary to us!

After 8 years, I am just as wait.....I am SO MUCH HAPPIER than I was the day I got married. Together we have created a wonderful life. We have been blessed with two beautiful girls. We have a loving and supportive family. We laugh every single day. We dance all the time. It isn't always easy but it isn't supposed to be, it's life. I have my best friend by my side, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

And now I am going to close out this blog with my two silly girls.....

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