Sunday, December 11, 2016

outstanding october

Oh look, it's December, that must mean it is time to recap what we did in the fall. Or is it that I am just that far behind? Must be option 2. And I really need to get better at posting because I noticed I have had a lot of blog views lately. My people must be desiring a new post. Time to give the people what they want. :)

This fall we were blessed with amazing weather. Typically I feel like we get a few good weeks and then BAM, cold cold cold. But this fall we had almost two months or more of great weather. Sometimes it reminded me of the perfect Monterey day. Oh yes, I miss it so much! We spent lots of time outside on the playground, going for walks, and eating on the deck. I really don't know what the kids will do once it's too cold to go outside. Charlotte will cope, she is more than happy to have a movie or craft day. Norah....this girl LOVES the outdoors! She loves the swing and exploring the yard. You can't even say the word OUT in our house or she will run over to the door, bang on it and start yelling "OUT"!!! 

With this recap I am going to go a little out of order. I just can't get enough of these two beauties in their costumes! We did a bug-tastic theme this year. Mommy and Norah were ladybugs, Charlotte and Harley were bumblebees and Matt was the gardener. We didn't get a family photo, just the kiddos this year. 

We did a few fun Halloween events. First our annual trip to Anne Marie gardens for trick or treating. It took Norah all of five minutes to figure out what she had to do to get candy. She happily dragged her big bucket from table to table collecting as much as she could. Charlotte was an old pro and carefully chose each and every piece of candy. 

"ma, she is kissing a dino!"

a balloon AND a bucket of candy!!

a goat, a sheep and a donkey....halloween costumes round two haha

Charlotte also had a little Halloween party at her school, we went to a friends Halloween party, and of course we went trick or treating in the neighborhood where they made out like bandits! We ended up with so much candy I sold most of it to our dentist for $1/lb....made $4 and saved us so many calories AND cavities. We still ate our fair share and enjoyed every minute of it!

ready for her preschool party

the whole class putting on an adorable presentation!

Halloween party fun!

my pinterest "pumpkins" - a slight fail. Not orange enough! But still yummy!
the bumblees 

All 3 kiddos getting ready for trick or treating!! Harley stayed home to hand out the candy this year. What a good boy!

We collected candy from our neighborhood and a nearby one until the buckets were too full to carry and the kids were too tired to go on. It was fun! 

daddy is under her spell! That's for sure!
Owlette ready for music class!!

And of course we carved pumpkins this year......on one of the most beautiful days of the year!
all ready to go

Carving pumpkins is serious business.  And of course the girls wanted nothing to do with guts, so Mommy ended up doing that. Then it was all knife work, so again Mommy stepped in. Hmm. Looks like I pretty much all of the work. That's ok, I made one kick butt pumpkin this year!! And the kids still had a great time playing and watching.
Mommy at work

Charlotte wrote her name while waiting. What a big girl!

the finished product!! Success!!!

Next year I am putting those two to work. We will carve pumpkins as a family! I have such fond memories of carving pumpkins with my Grandma and I want to create those same memories with my girls.  

Speaking of tradition and memories....of course we went to the pumpkin patch this year, where the girls picked out their own pumpkins, petted some animals and navigated the maze. Nana was visiting us which made it even more special and fun! We love when Nana comes for a visit!!
group shot before our ride on the tractor

looking for just the right pumpkin

exploring the farm like a big girl

I let Norah navigate the maze. She did pretty good!

mmm hay is for horses.....and Charlotte too!

C's school field trip to the farm. Adorable!!

While Nana was here we also went to the zoo. It is a bit of a drive but so worth it. Great zoo and free to boot! And we could not have picked a better day: 60's, slightly overcast, mid week and zero crowds. I always enjoy the zoo and this time we had a lot of fun in the reptile center and watching the monkeys!

the best photo bomb

taken right before this guy turned around and banged on the glass and scared the poo out of us!!

the carousal all to herself. She chose the horse. haha

this little guy was loving the kids

this guy was HUGE!  

A picture of the moment I realized it was time for a double. Almost the entire time Charlotte rode on the end Norah kicked her and squawked, making it seem as though Charlotte was being naughty when she was actually the culprit. Sneaky girl.
look at that face. It says trouble

checking out the adorable Pandas

a drama free moment sharing the stroller. 

And finally, some fun photos from the month.... 
go for a ride in a box? sure, why not!

two at the same time?! silly girls!

good thing she is strapped in!

meeting baby Colin. Big sis Cora isn't so sure about someone holding her baby

checking out the firetruck when it came to music class. 

my big girl!

rawr!!!! a visit to the aquarium!

if sissy won't drive it, I will!!!

swinging at the park before preschool

gymnastics fun

dress up time!

Someone learned how to blow kisses this fall. It is just the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

my view most afternoons. can't get any better!

4 years apart.  💜

What a fun month! Fall is definitely my favorite time of the year. The colors, the weather, all the fun activities. It's one holiday after another which keeps us super busy (sometimes stressed!!) but so happy. I love all the memories we created this year. From the zoo with Nana, to carving pumpkins, to my adorable kiddos in their costumes. 

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