Friday, January 13, 2017

a thankful month

Today it is cold, really really cold. I love being able to write this post on a day like today. I love seeing the beautiful pictures of our family and friends. I love reminiscing. And I feel so thankful for all that we have. Which is what November is all about, being thankful. 

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving three times. We had two friendsgivings and Thanksgiving with family. By the time November was over I was all turkeyed out. Every meal was delicious and the company was ideal. Lots of laughs and a full belly is just the way I like it.

We hosted a Friendsgiving at our house, which included our Monterey friends who now live in the area, as well as one of my best friends, Meredith. All our kiddos are the same age and they all get along pretty well. These ladies are more than friends; they are family. Moving around a lot forces you to make friends quickly and create deep bonds. We don’t always live near family and we need these friendships for support and fun. I don’t know what I would do without these ladies. I just hope we can stay close even after we all inevitably move away. Ah enough of the sappy moving talk. Plenty of tears to shed in the future over that. Time for the of our first Friendsgiving. 

the group!! Almost everyone is looking. Win!

And all the kids (Harley too). So funny because we lined them all up and took the photo a few times and only after noticed that Harley got in too. He didn't want to miss out. 

Meredith arrived early and we spent some time outside with the kiddos sipping Champagne and watching them play. We finished the bottle. We were in a really good mood after that! 🍷 It was a beautiful day - as you can see I am wearing a tank top it was so warm!

Parker taking Norah for a drive. Charlotte giving them the stink eye.

turkey out, sides in....almost time to eat!

the PJ Masks gang
beautiful turkey. Good job Matt!

love these ladies!
After a delicious meal and of course dessert we let the kiddos run off their energy while the adults talked over wine. Best thing about hosting: you can drink as much as you want. Now I'm starting to sound like a lush. 
the only way to swing is with a mask on. duh.

chasing all the falling leaves

it's so windy!!!

We even had a little dance party in the basement. 
dance party time

We also got a few family photos that day...
The Clutes - in matching grey! Totally not on purpose either 
The Hansbergers!

The Murphys!

The Alcocks!
It was a wonderful day. So much laughing!! We did this last year and I am so glad we were able to align our schedules this year too. I hope to keep this little friendsgiving tradition going. It is one of my favorite events because these people are more than friends, they are family. And I am so thankful we all met!

I didn't get a lot of photos from our second Friendsgiving. This one was hosted by our friends the Steinwands. It was a southern Maryland supply corp friendsgiving. And while of course we had amazing food and great company, it also included a game. I laughed so hard I cried. Thank you Steinwand family for having us all over! 
a few of the little girls - too much cuteness!
 After dinner it was game time - Watch Yo Mouth. I had never heard of it, much less played it! It was hysterical! Somehow Matt and I managed to walk away with second place and a tub of popcorn! If you haven't played this game I highly recommend it!
Matt's turn!

trying my best to guess. So hard when you are laughing!

the girls at their own table!

And finally, of course, we cannot forget actual Thanksgiving! The Swan's hosted again this year and it was all on point. We each brought a few dishes and enjoyed each others company. Watching all the cousins playing together just melts my heart. They are all growing up too fast!

the fam bam

cousins in the woods. 💕 matching pullovers courtesy of Grandma!

We ate, we played, we went for a walk, we watched some football and then we all went home. It was a really fun day and I love it when we can all get together and hang out. 
my beauties

Another group photo? no!

attempt at getting a sofa cousin photo. hahahaha. we tried.

awww 💜

tummy time

eskimo kisses!

can you see me Mama?!

yea there was a weight limit and with these two added on it was definitely exceeded.

got my glasses back

tickling the baby!

doing a little post dinner light reading

out for a stroll

Jack spotted a rainbow! 
Love this because rainbows always remind me of my Grandma. I feel like she was looking down on us that day.  

our little drummer girl

Story time with Uncle Jim


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!! 
Thanksgiving 2016

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