Monday, January 16, 2017

fall fun part 2

Since I haven't been keeping up with blog like I should have, I'm now trying to play catch up. That means combining a lot of events into one post. Which means lots and lots of pictures. I apologize for the lack of inspired writing. We had a great fall. I miss the weather. We love you all. Enjoy!

I want to start with the adorableness that is Charlotte at her Thanksgiving performance. The kids did such a great job! She is loving her preschool and learning so much! 

all smiles after her singing

all the kiddos with their gobble gobble hats

You may see a lot of repeat outfits in this post. Charlotte is going through the funniest phase. All of a sudden she cares what she wears. Up until about 6 months ago I could choose her clothes and she could care less. Now not only does she care, but she also has an attachment to certain things. Mostly dresses. She wants to wear the same thing over and over again. Telling her it's dirty doesn't seem to stop her from wanting to wear something. It makes getting ready in the morning a lot more challenging and time consuming. And for the most post I don't care - except there are clothes in her closet that she has never worn (cute ones too)! 

In early November we got to celebrate my nephew's 2nd birthday! How two years has gone by I just don't know. I remember getting the call about his birth, meeting him for the first time in the hospital, and going a week later so Charlotte could meet him. And now they are the bestest of friends. I only wish we lived just a little closer so the kiddos could hang out more. 

Jack not only had a Bubble Guppies themed party, but he also rented a bounce house for everyone! (Thank goodness he had some savings 😜). The kids had an awesome time!

mid air

catch me daddy!

bouncing with the help of GranSuze

sky high!

Bubble Puppy and Molly

time for cake! "I got this mom!"

mmmm I think he approves!

love the kids table

um, Norah I think you may have a little something on your face.

the best part of the party.....PRESENTS!!!!
everyone trying to help

Before the weather became officially "cold" we took one more trip to the zoo. We met up with Aunt Nikki and cousin Ryan and spent the day exploring the zoo, eating lunch, and having a really fun time. I think the reptile house was our favorite. The snakes and reptiles are really cool to see......when they are behind the glass. Normally they are my least favorite and creep me out a lot, but this was ok. 
first stop, carousal. Riding all by herself. Didn't want Mama's help at all. 

at least she waved!

watching the animals from the safety of the stroller

silly girl

 this was my attempt at trying to get a photo of them both together on our way out. Meh. I tried. Memories :)

When Grandma Rachel was in town around Thanksgiving we made our annual trip to ICE in National Harbor. This time we went to dinner at Succotash before heading to the hotel. We typically don't eat in National Harbor because most restaurants have terrible reviews, but we were pleasantly surprised! It was really really good! My only complaint was the table was a little small for all the food we ordered. Our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. 

right up front waiting for the show

N: The tree is going to do what??


Since the cost of ICE is so expensive only C and I went in. Good Mommy/daughter time!


too many coats it's hard to move!

look Mom it's Santa!

Of course we had to go on the tea cup ride after exiting ICE. They get ya!
it took about two spins to make me nauseous
C is bummed the ride is over, not me....I'm thrilled!

And finally, just a few fun and random photos from the month.....
waiting to pick up Sissy from school
twinnie day with Mama!

a quick stop at the mall must always include a few rides!

one of my favorites!!

hiding from the girls. Don't worry H, I won't tell!
a perfect fall day for a walk. Love the colors!

making a run for it!

another favorite of mine. Does that dress on C look familiar? haha

love your hair Norah!

 My beautiful girls! Love them so much!!

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