Friday, February 17, 2017

a week in the sun

After going a little out of order to make sure I had Norah's 18 month out quickly, it is time to take a step back and recap our trip to Florida. In December we headed to Orlando to visit Matt's parents and Grandma, as well as enjoy the amazing weather the state has to offer. It was a nice little getaway and apparently the perfect time to travel. We went in between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and got a great price on flights. We had two rows to ourselves on the plane, and when we went to Disney it wasn't too crowded. (Disney will always be full of people, but we managed to ride a lot of rides in one day) This may become our preferred travel time from now on, especially since next year we will be paying for one more flight seeing as Norah turns 2 in the summer (I is that even possible?!). 

Both girls did great on the plane. Charlotte is at a great age - she can easily be entertained with a movie. Norah was a little tougher but after lots of snacks and looking out the window the plane was getting ready to land. 

look mama the ocean!

We left wearing jeans and sweatshirts and were immediately greeted with 80+ degree heat. After a quick change into something cooler, we were ready for a walk to the park. The girls needed to run and be free, burn off a little of that energy!

taking Dada for a ride

where are my sunglasses??! It's too bright!!

The girls were so excited to see not only Grandma and Grandpa, but GGMA Dot too! She is so much fun! Seeing the girls read and play with GGMA Dot sure does make me miss my own Grandma. I am so happy both girls have gotten to know they Great Grandma. She is an amazing lady.

And she has the coolest toys ever....
We all got plenty of rides with Grandma's walker. 

ooooo a cane too! score!

We couldn't go to Orlando and not go to Disney. We chose to visit the Magic Kingdom again this year. Last time we came Norah was just 3 months old and spent the entire time in the carrier. This time she was able to enjoy almost all the rides. And she loved it! And Charlotte is now tall enough to ride the big kid rides!! 

Due to a small ticket issue it was just me and the girls for the first half of the day. I was a little worried about being able to manage the crowds, lines, and fast pass hoopla by myself but it was no problemo. We had a great time and were able to ride quite a few rides as well as meet a few Princesses. 
we made it! Excited and ready to get started

selfie with my beauties

carousal = a family favorite

norah looks unsure, Charlotte is thrilled!

teacups. Norah again looks concerned for her safety.

Dumbo. Norah is wondering how in the heck this elephant flies! hmmmm
inside playground at Dumbo = the best! Cool and fun!

she just LOVED Cinderella
last year meeting Cinderella.....

We also met Princess Elena, but somehow my phone malfunctioned and I never got a photo! Dah!! After that we stopped for some food. By the time we were finished Daddy and Grandpa arrived and we got back to the fun!!

Ariel's grotto

Daddy and his sweet angel

another go-round on the tea cups!
 My favorite character meeting of the day: BUZZ!!!

my favorite family pic of the day. 

time for a mid day nap

waiting to meet Ariel!

all the Princesses :)

ARIEL!!! She was so excited!

in line for Small World 
 is it just me or does that Small World song get stuck in your head too? It's playing in your head right now isn't it?! I'm sorry. 

The last ride of the day was a first for Charlotte: Splash Mountain!! We weren't sure she was going to go, but she did and she LOVED it!!!
in line selfie with Daddy

OMG front row. I was having a heart worried!!

She still talks about this ride and how much fun she had. We have one adventurous little girl. 

We couldn't forget a group photo on the way out...
family photo with the castle

The girls and Grandpa :)

time to go home!
One of these days we will make it long enough to see the night parade and the fireworks. Someday. I'm shocked we stayed until 5pm. The girls were champs!

We spent quite a few days just lounging around, swimming in the pool, spending time at the park. It was wonderful family bonding and very relaxing.

We also met up with Matt's cousin Jamie and her family. Park time, lunch and lots of catching up in between. It had been way too long since we saw everyone! Charlotte still talks about her big cousins and how much fun she had playing with them. 

I see you pretty girl

One day we took a little drive to Clearwater beach, not too far from Tampa, and spent the day in the sand and sun. The water was perfect for splashing and the girls enjoyed every minute. There was so much happiness and joy on their faces as they were burying each other in the sand and splashing in the waves. Memories I will cherish. 

chasing away the birds. AHHHHH!!!!

And finally, two of my favorite photos from our trip....
GGMA reading to Norah. Seriously melts my heart.

my big girl. my love.

Before we knew it we had to head back home and back to our normal life. Back to the cold. We sure enjoyed our week away in the sun! Miss you Grandma, Grandpa, and GGMA Dot! 

being silly with my girl

Charlotte doing a little light reading (making sure we know how to exit in an emergency),
while Norah has a snack.