Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy 18 Months Norah!!!

Miss Norah ~

It is hard to believe my adorable baby girl is now a year and a half old. You are no longer a baby, you are officially a toddler. Welcome to toddlerhood!! You are a running, chatting, exploring girl. Your personality is really starting to shine, as well as all your adorable little quirks.  

You are such a sweet girl, but you are a sweet girl with a mind of her own. Willing to share but not be pushed around. Oh so affectionate, giving kisses and hugs to all (especially Harley!). You are so smart. You talk a lot! You love to color. You love to play with any and every toy; especially baby dolls, the kitchen, and little people. You LOVE music and dancing! You love being outside running, swinging, and exploring. You love animals and making animal sounds. You have the best RAWR ever (so scary!). You love books! You have no fear. You have a heart of gold.

giving cuddle hugs to Harley
blowing kisses. muah!!

You now weigh in at 21lbs 3oz and are 31.5 inches tall. You are wearing 18 month sized clothes, most of the time. You are skinny and tall so besides pants you can squeeze into 12 month clothes too, especially dresses and coats. You wear a size 5 shoe...finally!! (We have a lot of hand me downs waiting for you!) Everything about you is bitty, except your personality.

at your 18M apt waiting patiently

purse ✔  stroller ✔  off she goes!

too cool.

the many silly faces of Miss Norah!

You still nurse, especially in the morning and before falling asleep. You are a wonderful eater (of milk and real food). You are down to try pretty much anything. Fish, chicken, pasta (a favorite), yogurt, cheese, crackers, fruit, the list goes on! I'm not exactly sure where you put it all, in 6 months you only managed to gain 2lbs! It is probably because you are chasing after your big sister and trying to do everything that she does. 

saying "cheese" for the camera
putting an empty Amazon box to good use!

While you have managed to sleep through the night (once you even did it three nights in a row) most of the time you wake at least once. Right now we are going through a "my child is possessed after 11pm" phase. You must be teething because you are waking up 3 or 4 times some nights. Mama just can't survive like that anymore! Zombie mommy = cranky Mommy....and nobody likes a cranky Mommy. 

sleeping angel
hanging out in Mommy's bed

Speaking of teeth you now have 10 teeth. All 4 on the top, 3 on the bottom, and 3 molars. your last first year molar and last one on the bottom front should be making their appearance in the next few weeks. We can hope and pray! I am already not looking forward to the two year molars. Getting new champers is no fun for anyone! 

look at those beautiful teeth!
Look at that smile! You will "cheese" on command, but I gotta be quick with the camera because you do not hold the pose for long. 

You, like most kids your age, love all technology. The computer, the phone, the remote. Nothing is safe. You have attempted many selfies already, mostly just capturing the top of your head or the floor. haha. Aspiring photographer maybe? One who loves to dance? Music is a constant in our house, and when a song with a good beat comes out world. Our girls have some moves!! 

Some of your circle dance moves :)

You have a new skill.... JUMPING!!!
enjoying sky zone!

Your sister is definitely your best friend. You love playing with her, following her around, copying everything she does. Here are a few fun pictures of you both.....

You also just love love love your cousins Jack and Ryan. You can't say Ryan, but can say Jack...sounds more like "Gack" cute! I have to write these things down because all of a sudden you won't say it like that anymore.
fun with cousins
And we can't forget about all your other friends. Just a few of your favorites! 

You also love love love books and reading. You regularly hang out in your room and read while Mommy accomplishes chores. You babble as you turn the pages. Precious. And we have to start bedtime extra early so we can read all the books you want - typically at least 8. Books with flaps to open are your all time favorite. To read and destroy. There are a few missing almost all the flaps. 

reading with Daddy
I still have to keep a pretty close eye on you. You can get into a bit of trouble if I'm not watching. Usually this involves emptying drawers. On this particular day I was putting away laundry in Charlotte's room as you were taking out all yours....
what mess?

You only had a few "firsts" this month. You spent your first night away from Mommy and Daddy in August when we went to a concert in Pittsburgh and Grandma and Grandpa watched you at our house. You didn't do as well at night as we had hoped. Thankfully when Nana watched you overnight in October you did much better.  

Another first: your first phrase!!! You said "Bye Daddy" as Daddy was leaving for work one day. It was so sweet! You say a lot of words. A lot. At least 50+ words. And you understand even more. Mama, Dada, Sissy, and H are some of your favorites. And when we ask you where is Norah? You point to yourself and say "Norah", which sounds like "Ra Ra". OMG adorable!!! In no time at all you will be speaking in full sentences. 

Some of our activities over the last six months....
we celebrated Charlotte's 4th Birthday and Harley's 9th!

cheering on Daddy!
Mommy's helpers
We took a trip to Hershey and had THE BEST time!!!
haha. best photos!!

enjoying our regular trips to gymnastics

We had some fall photos taken....

you and Nana. love this photo!

I took you kiddos out to the park for a few more photos...
my favorite of the three of you

Harley giving you a kiss while you try to say "cheese"
your second Halloween! 

looking adorable even if you are giving me the glare 
One of my favorite family photos of us!
family photo at Friendsgiving

Last year...and this ICE!

Your second Christmas was a blast! Our favorite time of the year!
No tears!! Santa is the best!

Christmas with the fam bam
my beauties in the dresses!
Christmas games and clean-up with cousin Jack
enjoying one of our movie outings. You saw Moana and Sing in the past 6 months

yep even in snowy weather we swing!

And finally just a few of my favorite photos. Sorry for the picture overload, there were so many to choose from! 

Poor H is often confused for a Pony.

welcoming Daddy home from work

fun outside

There will be so many fun and momentous firsts happening in the next 6+ months....We are starting swim class (Mommy and you!) next month

practicing your moves with Daddy

we leave for your first international trip in a few weeks (yes you have a passport now)..... 
look at these cuties!

You will start the 2 year old preschool program in the fall and of course we can't forget potty training and weaning. So many fun and exciting life events! 

weaning? potty training? no thanks Mom! I'm outta here!!!

Happy 18 months Norah!! You are beyond a joy. You are a treasure and I thank God every day for allowing me to be your Mom. Time is going too fast. My girl is getting so big. All I can do is hold you and enjoy each and every day to the fullest.  I love you so much! 


Mommy & Daddy

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