Sunday, May 28, 2017

a BIG change

Many of you already know, some of you have probably guessed, but for the rest this may come as a bit of a shock....we are moving. We recently received orders to PCS to Philadelphia, PA this summer. We have known about this for almost a year, but with the military nothing is ever for sure (we actually almost, for a second, got sent to a ship!), so we didn't want to make it official until the military made it official. 

I know what everyone is thinking....but why? What about the house you bought? I thought the plan was to stay there for a few tours? Ah yes I had all those questions and more when we found out too. I was mad. I was sad. I was confused. We had plans. We wanted to stay in the area for at least one more tour, if not the rest of his career so we could live in this house we built. We finally achieved the "American dream" of home ownership. Our daughter was born here (in the house no less!). We have settled in. But we wouldn't be moving if it wasn't important. Matt was offered an amazing job. A job a lot of people try to get. It was a rare opportunity, one we just couldn't turn down. So as much as we didn't want or plan to leave our home and friends in this area, we decided that what was best for our family and Matt's career was to continue on our Navy journey to Philly. While moving is exciting and there are a lot of things to look forward to, like exploring our new city, moving also upsets the equilibrium we currently have. It means a whole lot of chaos and issues to deal with. 

One of those issues is what to do about our house. For a long time we went back and forth on whether to sell our home or rent it out in hopes of possibly moving back into in some day. After a lot of talking and putting it on the rental market to see what happens, we found a military family to rent it. I am extremely nervous, but hope and pray they will love and care for our home like it is their own. 

Leaving our home also means leaving our family. We were so excited when we got stationed in SOMD because Matt's brother and sister and their families lived in Northern Virginia. Over the past three years we have been able to spend a lot of time together, and we have welcomed three babies! Jack, Norah and Ryan have all been born during our time here. Such a blessing to be able to watch our kids grow up together, even if it is was for a short time. We will sure miss all of them a lot. Thankfully we won't be a plane flight away, just a bit of a drive (3-4 hours depending on traffic). It means when we come visit it will be for an entire weekend and not just an afternoon. 

I will also miss my Monterey friends who just happen to be living in the DC area too! I love that the military life brought us together one more time. We don't get to see each other as often as we would like, but we try to meet up for playdates and BBQs and holidays. I know I will be close to these ladies for the rest of my life. Fingers crossed the military reunites us again someday!

Just the talk of goodbyes and being farther from family has brought to light an issue we didn't think about right away, how the kids would react to the move. Obviously Norah could care less, she is just too young to understand. I do think she will have a transition period where she doesn't sleep well. She is super temperamental when out of her crib and element, total opposite from Charlotte who has (so far) adapted great to change. BUT this move is going to be hard on Charlotte. She has already gotten a little upset. She asks what is staying with the house (her playground) and what is going (all her toys, her bed, her "things"). Once we reassured her all her favorites would also be at her new house in Philly she seemed to be ok. I am sure there will be an adjustment period for her too. This will be her third move, and the fourth house she has lived in in her life (5th if you count my belly. It counts yes?!). Four different houses by the time she is 5. Not many people can say that! 'Tis the life of a military brat right? 

Speaking of military brats....want to take a guess on how many homes Harley has lived in in his 9.5 years? 5 so far, 6 once we move to Philly. He is a moving professional. I remember when we moved to San Diego and we took him to dog beach for the first time. He has never been so happy! And our first night in the house we had no furniture, so we slept in sleeping bags on the floor. I put his dog bed next to me but he insisted on burrowing in to my sleeping bag with me. As long as he has us he is totally happy. I do hope we can find a great dog park for him in Philly. 

One of my biggest annoyances/issues about moving....finding everything I need all over again. While all of our things will be coming with us, I have to spend some time finding our "favorites" again. First up on my list is a gym. I have been so lucky to find an amazing Fit family every place we have lived. I had my bootcamp crew in San Diego. My Stroller Strides Mamas in Monterey and I have my World Gym Family here in SOMD. I have met some amazing ladies at the gym and I am going to be so sad to leave them! I not only look forward to getting my workout on every day, but I love chatting with them, or grabbing coffee or lunch together. I am so thankful for the friendships I have made here, I am going to miss everyone so much!

After finding a new gym, which I hope can be on par with what I have found in the past, it's doctors, dentist, hair salon, nails, grocery (I suppose that's necessary lol), etc. One thing I can already check off my list: preschool. We already have both girls signed up for school, Charlotte 5 days a week and Norah 2 days. And the school is around the corner from our new house, yay! I am definitely looking forward to less driving in PA than we have had here. I love the isolation and peacefulness this area has offered, but I will not miss the driving. I am also looking forward to exploring the restaurants of Philly. While we live kinda sorta close to DC, we are not close enough to go out to dinner regularly and there isn't much around us. It has been totally fine. We cook all the time anyways. But date night is calling my name. So are the cheesesteaks. My plan is to try each and every reputable cheesesteak in town so by the time we leave I will really know who is the best....Pat or Geno...or is it someone else??!

Norah checking out the Philly guidebook. Read up sweet girl!

Geez this post got pretty long! There was a lot more to write about than I originally thought. While we haven't loved everything about living in Southern Maryland, it did become our home and we have been very happy here. More than anything we will miss the wonderful people we have met while living here. Like any place, the people make your experience. And we have met so many great people....our tour here has been unforgettable!

Until we meet again!!

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Lorretta Rickert said...

Many can relate to your situation, mommy. Always think that you are not alone. Other's have done it, many had it, and now you can do it with your kids and your whole family together as well as the whole community of military spouses! MyCAA scholarship