Saturday, June 17, 2017

Product Review: mifold - the Grab-and-Go Booster Seat

A few weeks ago I got the opportunity to try out a new product for parents...the mifold Grab-and-Go booster seat. It is a compact booster seat (10x smaller than regular boosters) that can easily fit into your bag. It adjusts the belt to fit perfectly on the child instead of lifting the child up to the height of the belt. The seat is designed for kids 4 years and up and at least 40lbs. It has been fully tested and meets or exceeds the United States, Canadian and European Safety Standards*. 

This seat comes in super handy for a second vehicle. Dad's/Grandparents etc. I know my husband hates having the bulky car seats in the back of his car for the occasional times he needs to pick up the kids. This can be folded up and put away when not in use. And it is easy to set up. I watched the video and then had Charlotte give it a shot. She is still a little young to do it herself, but was happy to sit on the seat. She said it made her feel like a big girl! 

I was happy with the lap belt and where it sat on her. It was tight and felt secure. Watching the video is a must. As well as reading the instruction manual. You don't want to risk installing it wrong!

Not only is this seat ideal for Dads, it is also good for carpools and of course travel. Airplanes, taxis, rental cars....they always present a dilemma of how to properly secure the kids. I always get worried if we have to ride in a cab briefly that Charlotte is not properly secured. And the annoyance of carting around a big car seat to a foreign country is never my favorite thing. And the rental car companies will change you an arm and a leg to rent a seat. Not to mention finding an Uber with a car seat? Hard and usually more expensive. This is the ultimate solution for traveling families! 

I love the idea and convenience of this seat. It still makes me nervous to put Charlotte in it on a regular basis. She is too wiggly and doesn't want to sit up straight the entire time. She is also still in a 5 point harness, so buckling the seat belt by herself would take some practice. And while it has passed all the safety standards, it doesn't feel safe for my 4 year old. Maybe when she gets a little older. I would definitely use this when traveling, especially for taxis. Now that Norah is almost big enough to face forward, the next time we go to California we can put her in the car seat my Mom has and Charlotte gets to use the mifold!  

Travel friendly

Installation and daily buckling takes some getting used to. More work than a regular booster
Might not be comfortable on long drives
Not ideal for younger kids

*US NHTSA Standard FMVSS 213, Canadian RSSR CMVSS 213, European ECE R44.04

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