Sunday, September 15, 2019

Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte!!

Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte Grace!

Wow 7!!! I can't believe how quickly 7 years has gone by. It feels like just yesterday I was holding you in my arms for the very first time. (birth story here). I remember the midwife helping to put you into car seat as we were leaving the birth center, and hoping she was going to give us some instructions on what to do with you! It was an exciting and scary few days, but we quickly figured things out and got into a routine. That routine involved lots of bouncing on an exercise ball, but you do what works! And now fast forward 7 years later.

You are a bright and spunky girl. You are a leader and you know exactly what you want. You are creative. You love to dance, sing, and color. You have a wonderful imagination. You love to learn. You love to climb and explore new things. You are incredibly silly!!! You are a smart and beautiful girl who will do amazing things in this world. We love everything about you Charlotte!!

You are now 48.5" tall and weigh 54lbs. Stop growing!!!! You are getting so tall and will soon be as tall as me! 

You are definitely a Daddy's girl. You were all mine the first year of your life but then you were all about Dada! You guys have a very special relationship. It is a joy to see and I hope it never changes. For your birthday this year you asked Daddy to get you a necklace that said "Daddy's girl" and he delivered :)

You are a wonderful big sister to Norah. You guys are the best of friends and play very well together. I can't say you always get along, I mean you are sisters, but 75% of the time things are good. Barbies, dolls, playing outside, anything and everything together. I hope you are always so close. Having a sister is a very special gift. A best friend for life!


And of course we can't forget about Harley! You both love him so much!

You completed kindergarten this year and LOVED it! You made some great friends...


You loved your teacher Mrs. Keeney....

And you learned to READ this year! You had sight words and sounds, etc down but this year you really figured it all out. We are so proud! And your writing has improved too. Here you are with the first book you read to us all by yourself. And some of your letters....

You did great in everything this year and I never got a bad report about you. I definitely missed having you around during the day, but really enjoyed our afternoons together when I would pick you up from school and we would spend some time on the playground together. Hot, cold, didn't matter to you or Norah!

You also became a real swimmer. You joined the Cheltenham Aquatic Club and competed in races this last year. I remember during your first practice you kept grabbing on to the wall and I was so scared you were going to drown. You have come a long way! You can now dive off the block and have raced free, back and breast stroke. It was a fun year. 
You and your besties Ella and Leia!

You also lost 5 teeth!!!! One in the fall, then 4 in a matter of two months this summer. Your gaped tooth smile is THE BEST! You will only ever look like this for the next few months. It is so special. I love it. Your big teeth are starting to come in, which looks even sillier. Being a kid is amazing. 

And of course we moved this year. It was so sad to say goodbye to all our friends in Philadelphia, especially for you. You were just getting settled into school and had made friends. I could see all of you girls growing up together. I was hoping we would be in PA for one more year but it wasn't meant to be. This move was definitely harder on you than previous ones. But you are a friendly and outgoing little girl who will quickly make friends anywhere we go. 

all set to cheer on those Seahawks!

Some "firsts" this year

You added two new states to your list: Washington & Oregon. You have now been to 27 states! Wow! 
Columbia River Gorge. Washington on one side and Oregon on the other 

You learned to ride a bike without training wheels!!! You learned to ride in the spring. Daddy took you to the park across the street and you had it figured out in minutes. You were a little unsteady but no big falls and lots of fun. Then you discovered a new scooter and switched your focus to that for the majority of the summer. And now you are back to the bike. Our new neighborhood is nice and flat, a great place to ride bikes and you love it. 

We got to visit Air Force Two! This was a first for all of us and super fun. We even got to sit in the chair the VP or other VIP sits in during the flight. What a memory!

You and Norah took an art class together in the spring. You learned a lot about different artist and got to paint, draw and create all sorts of art. 
the art you made this year in school. Thank you Miss P!

You went on the BIG zipline at the Philadelphia zoo all by yourself. Oh I was so worried once you got to the top you wouldn't want to go down by yourself but you did! And you loved it! I am so sad that was our last trip to the zoo and we couldn't do it again. 

And you LOVE rock climbing. I think this was your first time. Once at Nana's and a few times in our new town. 

And of course your first day of FIRST grade!!!

And now time for the annual questionnaire......

Charlotte Grace Clute 
Live in: Washington
School: Discovery Elementary - 1st grade

1. Favorite color: purple 

2. Favorite toy: Bagraffe & Barbie
3. Favorite food: pizza
4.Favorite dessert: ice cream (actually its all dessert)

5. Favorite animal: Pony
6. Best toy friend: Bagraffe
7. Best friend: Lillian

8. Favorite outfit: unicorn shirts

9.Favorite music: Hula Hoop by Omi
10. Favorite Book: I'm a Shark
11. Favorite activity: playing with Daddy & monkey bars

12. Favorite holiday: Christmas (duh!)

13. What makes you happy: getting presents
14. Favorite TV show: Barbie life in the dream house
15. What you want to be when you grow up: Hibachi chef & Mommy & artist 

Some other fun pictures from the year.....






Cali in January!



Daddy Daughter Dance - 2014 and 2019


Mothers Day 

visiting friends in DC

The last day of school.....

We had to visit our favorite spot, Hershey Park, one last time before moving! 


The whole Clute side of the family took a week long trip to Lake Anna in Virginia this summer. It was so much fun! Especially watching all the cousins play together every day. Swimming, fishing, playing games, riding bikes. It was heaven.
contemplating life while fishing with Uncle Jim

summer family trip to Lake Anna

After getting settled in WA we took a trip to Cali to visit family before school started. It was the perfect weather for spending all day every day in Nana's pool!!


And we have been busy exploring our new state as much as possible! 



To celebrate your birthday this year we decided to hold off on having the big party for a few weeks. It is hard to move and start at a new school and then have a birthday right away. You need some time to settle in and make some friends, then we can have a party in October. So on your birthday weekend we went to the state fair. We rode some rides and got to see some cool animals (a zebra and yak!). Then we went to dinner at your favorite place: hibachi! And on your actual day we hung around the house (so you could play with toys) and enjoyed cake and presents. It was a fun, family filled weekend. 

A few things to look forward to next year:

1. First Grade! Starting a new school is tough but I am confident you will find friends and really enjoy your new school. 

2. Swim team: this year we focus on improving your strokes and your swim times. You love to swim so this isn't really work to you....just fun!

3. Losing more teeth?! Is that even possible? Only time will tell!

4. Travel: we have one big trip to Hawaii planned for February, and I'm sure a trip to California will happen too. And of course all the camping we can possibly squeeze in. Time to explore our new area!

5. Piano lessons! Finally!

This last year has been so much fun. I love looking at all these photos as I put the blog post together. And I am always shocked at how much you have changed in that short amount of time. You are growing up so fast! You bring joy and laughter into our lives every single day. You are a wonderful little girl and we love you more than you will ever know. 

Happy 7th Birthday Charlotte!

Mommy and Daddy